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Innovation of the new way in the new energy-saving policy

       On August 6th, "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Progressed Successfully The issue cannot be ignored. It is proposed in the article that the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will be further developed. The next priority is to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas. In the meantime, it involves the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection comprehensive upgrading projects for coal-fired boilers, as well as the promotion of heating and metering and energy-saving renovation in the northern heating area, and encourages innovation and promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies. The release of this article is bound to bring many benefits to enterprises that produce energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment, especially the current hot-selling inverter market. Before the "12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development" and other policies, the Ministry of Reform and Development issued a report on energy conservation and emission reduction. For the high-voltage inverter industry that has just recovered, it is undoubtedly a policy. spring breeze. Then, whether the inverter enterprise can catch up with the energy-saving emission reduction, it is necessary for the enterprise to win the right to speak with product quality. Demand for power shopping malls has grown steadily. In fact, as early as the previous year's State Council executive meeting, it was proposed that by 2015, the market share of energy-efficient products will increase to over 50%. It is required to upgrade the level of industrial technology and equipment. Promote the upgrading of energy-saving technical equipment such as high-efficiency boilers and high-efficiency motors. As the primary equipment for controlling the efficiency of boilers and motors, the energy-saving of frequency conversion is mainly used in the occasions where the change of the rotational speed of the AC motor is required, and the mechanical characteristics of the drive are changed to meet the requirements of the production process, and it is used more on the fan and the water pump. , through the speed regulation to achieve the effect of high efficiency and energy saving. The electric power occupation is also one of the important use areas of the fan high-voltage inverter products. From the control process related to the inverter in China's thermal power plants, the transmissions of wind, coal, water, slag and exhaust systems are suitable for the use of medium and low voltage inverters. In the electric power occupation, the use of suitable inverter transformation, energy-saving effect can exceed 20%, generally can reach 5% to 10%. With the improvement of thermal power unit capacity, the capacity of power plant boiler fans is also increasing. For example, the domestic 200,000 kW unit has a total power of 6440 kW, accounting for more than 3% of the unit capacity. Therefore, it is important to improve the operating efficiency of the fan's operating efficiency. It is also the primary object of thermal power plant using high-voltage variable frequency speed control technology for energy-saving retrofit, so the requirements and performance of the inverter are required. The domestic professional status of inverters
The survey of professional prospects of inverters shows that there are more than 300 inverter manufacturers in China, but the strength and scale are uneven. Most enterprises still adopt workshop-style production mode. The primary brand is maintained at 20-30. In the meantime, Sanjing Electric, relying on outstanding market reputation, now has 16 offices in China, 50 service centers, and international service outlets in Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Poland, Brazil, and India. Relying on outstanding product quality and perfect service network, Sanjing Electric has successfully used more than 500,000 sets of products worldwide.