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Common faults and solutions for servo motors

1. The servo motor does not work when there is a pulse output. How to deal with it?

1 Supervision The current value of the pulse output of the manipulator and whether the pulse output lamp is shining, acknowledge that the command pulse is now executed and the pulse is now output.

2View the control cable from the controller to the drive, the power cable, the encoder cable Wiring fault, damage or poor contact;

3Check if the brake of the servo motor with brake is now open;

4 Supervise the servo drive panel to acknowledge whether the pulse command is input;

5Run operation command is normal;

6 control mode must select position control mode;

7 Schneider servo drive repair setting input pulse type and command pulse setting Whether it is common;

8 Ensure that the forward side drive is stopped, the reverse side drive stop signal and the error counter reset signal are not Is input, disengages the load and the no-load operation is normal, check the mechanical system

When the servo motor rotates at high speed, the motor error counter overflows. What happens?

1The motor is attacked at high speed. Error counter overflow error;


Check if the motor power cable and encoder cable are wired correctly and the cable is damaged.

2When the input of a long command pulse occurs, the motor error counter overflows fault;


Schneider servo drive repair

a. The gain setting is too large, manually adjust the gain from the beginning or use the automatic adjustment gain function;

b. Extend the acceleration/deceleration time;

c. The load is too heavy, and the demand is selected from the larger capacity. The motor or the load is reduced, and the transmission structure such as the reducer is added to improve the load capacity.