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About the maintenance of Parker DC governor

Parker DC Governor Maintenance
After repairing the server and presenting new problems, choose two The mode is in the case of forward rotation and reverse rotation, but the servo forward jog and reverse jog cannot be realized. It is considered that when the server is repaired, a pulse is sent when the communication is selected, and the parameter is written into the register of the server. The server parameters are always in the register unless new parameters are written. However, after the repair of the server is completed by the above method, after I write the data of the forward jog, the data server must be stopped before writing to stop the operation, otherwise the server will continue to rotate. After the test found that it is PLC; there are problems in the program editing, the logic relationship of the write inaccuracy is incorrect or PLC; the command modbus; the communication parameters of the read and write are not set correctly. The corresponding servo drive repair method is written by J 0G using the communication 2 servo driver; forward and reverse, using the macro of the touch screen. The server is used normally for rehabilitation. Parker Parker DC governor repair, does not perform the program. If the program is not fulfilled, all the procedures are not fulfilled, some programs are not fulfilled, etc., the external input system is faulty, the input unit is faulty, PU; the unit is faulty, the expansion unit is faulty, the operation part is faulty, the external load system is faulty, and so on. In this case, Keyence PLC; repairs each unit to check one by one, find the source of the problem, and then targeted repairs. Rectifier circuit test finds inverter DC bus +; and terminal (CHE.; kW at any terminal); will play diode digital multimeter test, black pen and receive + side, red pen and turn R, S, T,; multimeter At this time, the diode should be turned on with a voltage drop. Generally, between .~.V;, the large machine is a bit low, the three-phase display value should be normal, and the three-phase balance, if a small phase or phase short circuit appears, the phase rectifier bridge Damage, then, connect the red pen to the reaction end, and input the black pen into the R;, S; and T; stages, and judge whether it is good or bad on the same basis. If the three-phase road of the bridge is turned over and the pressure drop of the three-phase pipe of the lower bridge is symmetrical, it can be judged that the snubber resistor or the DC reactor may burn out. 1 Note that the working environment temperature of the servo drive is too high. I have encountered high environmental temperature in the production workshop, especially in the three days. The electric cabinet is not equipped with air conditioner or air conditioner. As a result, the servo driver frequently gives an alarm. Simply lower the temperature inside the electrical cabinet and increase the ventilation. 2 The temperature of the module is over-limit due to the newly-reformed equipment. Pay attention to the selection of the power module. The power or rated current of the selected module is less than the rated current of the load, and the servo drive will issue an alarm.