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About the use of INVT's inverter

       Yingweiteng Inverter has been successfully applied to many paper mills in Tianjin. Because the INVT-CHV frequency converter has the characteristics of large starting torque, strong overload capability, fast dynamic response and high speed precision, it can fully meet the requirements of its production process and greatly improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. The use of INVT-CHV series inverters in the paper industry and its steady speed performance further prove that the INVT-CHV has a PG vector (closed-loop vector) variable frequency speed regulation scheme that can satisfactorily meet the papermaking process. Various requirements such as speed setting, speed fine adjustment, acceleration/deceleration control, speed/torque switching, load sharing, and winding control can be solved. The INVT-CHV series of high-performance vector inverters provide a perfect solution for papermaking machinery, reducing energy consumption, increasing production efficiency and saving users more cost. The INVT CHV series of high-performance inverters will be used more and more widely in the paper industry. Yingweiteng Company successfully transformed the Guangxi Yongbin Sugar Factory Press by using special frequency converters. After the on-site actual measurement and transformation, the average extraction rate increased by 0.19%, and the electricity consumption per ton of sugar cane was reduced by 2 degrees, which greatly improved the economic benefits of the enterprise. Guangxi Laibin Yongxin Sugar Factory has a production capacity of 10,000 tons/day, and can annually squeeze more than 1.6 million tons of sugar cane. Its product quality ranks among the best in the country. In this technical update, a total of 6 CHE series 380V, 630KW inverters were used to transform five 380V and 450KW presses. This kind of frequency converter is the technical innovation of INVT in the field of domestic low-voltage transmission. It is used in the operation and stable operation of Yongxin Sugar Factory, providing reliable products and solutions for low-voltage and high-power motor frequency conversion.