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Inverter and other inverter industries bring new opportunities to China's manufacturing industry

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In 2012, the growth rate of -12%, China's inverter market has fallen to the bottom?
Although the 2008 global "economic crisis" has caused serious problems to the economies of various countries. The impact, but because the Chinese government adopted the economic stimulus policy in time, the "trauma" at that time had a certain impact on China's "inverter industry", and the growth rate declined, but it still remained. Vulgar growth also reached its peak in the past five years in 2010; however, under the continued influence of the international economic crisis, coupled with domestic financial regulation, "energy saving and emission reduction" infrastructure investment decline and inflation, etc. Under the combined effect of factors, the Chinese economy has developed its own The problem, this "injury" directly led to the shocking "-12%".
Will the past year be a difficult year for China's inverter industry? According to the market research of China Media, the profit rate of the entire industry It is still declining. Some manufacturers' low-end products are more "cabbage prices". The competition is fierce. Therefore, the market may be more difficult in the future. The Chinese inverter industry needs to seize all opportunities to achieve counter-attacks.
In 2013 and the following years, we are not lacking opportunities: “China Dream”, achieving steady economic growth and building “beautiful China”, comprehensive improvement in living environment, education environment, human environment and system construction; "New urbanization" needs to improve people's livelihood and optimize market construction; "demographic dividends" disappear, automation has become the road to redemption of manufacturing to improve production efficiency... In 2013, many experts considered it the end of China's demographic dividend The difficulty of recruiting workers that has appeared in the past few years will intensify in the future. At this time, Southeast Asian countries have already passed the labor force. This advantage has taken a large number of orders from China's manufacturing industry. How can China's manufacturing continue to occupy a place in the global manufacturing industry? Only by upgrading the manufacturing base and rapidly increasing the value chain, automation is a very important part. The disappearance of the demographic dividend may have a big impact on China's manufacturing industry, especially labor-intensive enterprises. However, in the long run, for the Chinese automation industry, it can be a good news. "Substitution" has given the automation industry a lot of room for development. Perhaps this is an important opportunity for the inverter industry such as Invitro Drive.