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Dalta inverter operation and related parameters

       Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation Equipment Delta Inverter Settings There are many parameters, each parameter has a certain range of choice. In use, it is often encountered that the inverter cannot work normally due to improper setting of individual parameters. Its control method: speed control, torque control, PID control or other methods. After the control method is adopted, it is generally required to perform static or dynamic identification according to the control precision. Low running frequency: It is the small running speed of the motor. When the motor runs at low speed, its heat dissipation performance is very poor. If the motor runs at low speed for a long time, the motor will burn out. At low speeds, the current in the cable will also increase, which will also cause the cable to heat up. High running frequency: The general frequency of the Delta inverter is 60Hz, and some can even reach 400 Hz. The high frequency will make the motor run at high speed. For the general motor, its bearing can't be super long. At the speed, the rotor of the motor can accept such centrifugal force.
    Carrier frequency: The higher the carrier frequency setting, the higher the higher harmonic component, which is closely related to the length of the cable, the heating of the motor, and the heating of the cable heating inverter. Motor parameters: Delta's Delta inverter sets the motor's power, current, voltage, speed, and frequency in the parameters. These parameters can be directly obtained from the motor nameplate. Frequency hopping: At a certain frequency point, resonance may occur, especially when the whole device is relatively high; when the compressor is operated, the surge point of the compressor should be prevented.