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The advantages of Shihlin inverter compared with relay

Shilin Inverter Motion Control Main Refers to the control of the position, speed and acceleration of the work object. It can be a single coordinate, that is, the control object is a linear motion; it can also be a multi-coordinate, which controls the plane, the stereo of the object, and the motion such as the angle transformation. Sometimes, you can control multiple objects, and the motion between these objects may be coordinated. The planning, installation and commissioning of the system is small. Shilin Inverter replaces many intermediate relays, time relays, counters and other components in the relay control system with software functions, so that the planning, installation and wiring of the control cabinet Greatly cut. The ladder program of Shihlin Inverter generally adopts the order control planning method. This programming method is very regular and easy to grasp. For complex control systems, the planning time of the ladder diagram is much less than the timing of planning the relay system circuit diagram. The user program of Shihlin Inverter can simulate debugging in the laboratory. The input signal is simulated by a small switch. The status of the output signal can be investigated through the LED on the Shihlin inverter. After the installation and wiring of the system is completed, the problems found in the on-site tuning process can generally be solved by the correction procedure, and the debugging time of the system is much less than that of the relay system. The programming method of Shihlin Inverter is simple. The ladder diagram is the programming language of the programmable controller which is used more. The circuit symbol and expression are similar to the schematic diagram of the relay circuit. The ladder language is intuitive and easy to learn. Easy to understand, electrical technicians who understand relay circuit diagrams can learn the ladder language in a few days and use it to program user programs.