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Inverter in centrifuge application

1. Industrial centrifuges are one of the primary equipment in the chemical industry. Firstly, the centrifugal force effect will separate the solid and liquid, generally by feeding, washing, dehydrating, knives, unloading, etc., during which the feeding, washing, knives, unloading, etc. are controlled by solenoid valves and pneumatic valves. The centrifugal kettle is the primary component for completing the solid-liquid separation, and is driven by a three-phase communication motor through a belt. According to the characteristics of the process, the material is mainly a solid-liquid mixture at the beginning stage. The load is relatively large at the beginning of the start. When a certain speed is reached, the liquid flows out from the outside of the centrifugal force under the effect of centrifugal force, so that part of the liquid is first separated. According to the process requirements, it is generally divided into several different speeds to achieve the separation effect. 2. Inverter use In recent years, the inverter has been continuously updated as an industrial control device, and it has been widely used in various industries. With the continuous training of power electronics technology, frequency conversion control theory and microcomputer control technology, the performance of the inverter is constantly improving and its functions are also continuously enhanced: such as multi-speed, programmable active operation, communication function, etc. Kind of use. 3. Effect after modification
The starting current is large: the starting current of motor Y-△ is 2~3 times of the rated current, and the large current is frequently started. It is easy to cause the temperature of the motor to rise, the insulation aging is fast and then damage the motor; the mechanical vibration is large: the mechanical vibration is large and the mechanical protection is high, and the protection and maintenance costs are high; the advantages of the frequency conversion system:
When the motor is soft-started, the inverter starts from 0HZ, and the current can be reduced to the impact of the power grid as long as one-third of the full-voltage is started. It is smooth, eliminates mechanical shock, and protects the service life of mechanical equipment. Useful to shorten the time of starting and parking, start time 100S, parking time 100S, improve production power; <>