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Application of Delta PLC

At first, Delta PLC was mainly used for logic control of switching quantities. With the improvement of Delta's PLC skills, its application field is expanding. Today, Delta PLC is not only used for digital control, but also for analog and digital control. It can collect and store data, and can also monitor the control system. It can also be connected and communicated to complete large-scale and cross-regional Control and management. Delta PLC has increasingly become an important player in the family of industrial control devices.
1. For switching control, the ability of Delta PLC to control the switch is very strong. The number of points of entry and control, the ten or ten points, the number of which can be hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands. Because it can be networked, the number of points is almost unlimited, no matter how many points can be manipulated. The manipulations can be varied: combined, timed; instantaneous, delayed; countless, demand counted; fixed order, random work; etc. . The hardware structure of Delta PLC is variable, and the software program is programmable, which is very sensitive when used for manipulation. If necessary, you can write multiple sets, or multiple sets of programs, called as needed. It is very suitable for the needs of multiple working conditions and multiple conditions in the industrial field. There are many examples of switching control with Delta PLC, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, chemical industry, textiles, etc., which are used by all industrial industries. Now, the main policy of Delta PLC is that other controllers can't compare with it, so it can be used conveniently and reliably for switching control. 2. For analog control, such as current, voltage, temperature, pressure, etc., its size is changed successively. Industrial production, especially in successive production processes, often requires manipulation of these physical quantities. As an industrial control electronic device, if Delta PLC cannot control these quantities, it is a big lack. To this end, each Delta PLC manufacturer has carried out a lot of development in this regard. Nowadays, not only large and medium-sized machines can perform analog control, but also small machines can also perform such control.