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Shanghai Kuan Ying teaches you how to choose the appropriate INVT inverter

Invitro Drive is to convert power frequency power by using the on/off function of power semiconductor devices An electronic control device for another frequency. The INVT inverter can not be used normally under any circumstances, so the following points should be determined during the selection:
1. Purpose of the inverter: constant voltage control or constant current control. 2. Load type of the inverter: such as a vane pump or a positive displacement pump, pay special attention to the performance curve of the load. The performance curve determines how the method is applied. 3. Matching problem between the inverter and the load: voltage matching / current matching / torque matching. 4. The type of frequency converter used for high speed motors has a capacity slightly larger than that of ordinary motors. 5. When the inverter is to run with a long cable, the inverter capacity should be amplified by one gear or an output reactor installed at the output of the inverter. 6. For some special applications, such as high temperature, high altitude will cause frequency conversion derating, the inverter capacity should be amplified by one gear.
     In addition, how much power the inverter chooses. Freshman specifications are also available. Different inverters are selected for different purposes.   For example, there are general-purpose inverters, inverters for fans and pumps, and inverters for machine spindles. and many more. When the load inertia is large, the brake unit and the braking resistor must be selected at the same time. Check the rated current of the motor nameplate (the rated current is measured when there is no nameplate). The rated current of the inverter is larger than the running current of the motor. For the larger load inertia, the braking resistor should be selected.
    Regarding the installation environment, the following points should be noted: 1. The ambient temperature is required to be in the range of -10 °C to 40 °C. If the temperature exceeds 40 °C, heat dissipation is required. Measures or derating;
2. Temperature requirements below 95%, no water beads condensing; <3> Installation in locations where vibration is less than 5.9 m / s 2 (0.6 g); 4. Avoid installation in places exposed to direct sunlight;
5. Avoid installation in places with excessive dust and metal powder;
6. It is strictly forbidden to install places with corrosive and explosive gases.