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Study on the functional characteristics of Siemens PLC

        The Siemens PLC system is widely used in industrial automation. They need to be integrated into the control cabinet to perform the manipulation of the control system. The Siemens agent Siemens strives to meet all the requirements of the law and morality, and, as long as possible, we try our best to exceed these requirements. Our job is to conduct business in accordance with high professional and moral norms and practices: the company will not tolerate any non-compliance. In this article, we will introduce an introduction to the main functions of Siemens PLC, and provide some reference for users during debugging. Second, the main functional characteristics of Siemens PLC
1, Siemens agents Siemens try their best to meet all the requirements of the law and morality, and, as long as possible, we also try our best to exceed these requirements. The human machine interface function provides the operator with the information necessary to supervise the machine/process operation. The operator and the PC system are allowed to interact with their order of use in order to make resolution plans and adjustments. 2. Communication and networking functions Most modern PLCs use communication and network technology. RS232 or RS485 interfaces can be used for long-distance I/O control. Multiple PLCs can be connected to each other, communication, external devices and one. Or sequence processing and data exchange between signal handling units of multiple programmable controllers, such as procedure handling, data document handling, supervision, and diagnostics. The communication interface or communication handler completes the order and data handling according to a standard hardware interface or a proprietary communication protocol. Such as Siemens S7-200Profibus field bus port, its communication rate can reach 12Mbps. When the system is constructed, a computer and a plurality of PLCs can be used to form a distributed control network that collects management and decentralized control, so as to complete the messy manipulation of large planning. The so-called SCA DA system, the field end and the long-distance end can also use PLC as a field machine. 3, with a temperature measurement interface, directly connected to various resistors or galvanic couples. 4, the input / output interface scheduling function has A / DD / A conversion function, through the I / O module to complete the manipulation and adjustment of the imitation (definition: the virtual thing of the real thing or process). The number of digits and accuracy (accuracy) can be selected according to user requirements.