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The difference between servo motor driver and inverter

The word servo means slave in Greek However, in the era of rapid development of science and technology, this term has been given new meaning by modern people. Servo motor drives have been widely used in servo motors and servo systems with their high response speed and accuracy. use. So what are the differences between professional servo motor drives and inverters?

Differences 1. The main circuit is different

The servo motor drive is basically the same as the external structure of the inverter, if only from the appearance It is difficult to distinguish between the two on the observation. However, there is a big difference between the two parts of the main circuit. In the main circuit of the servo motor driver, the dynamic brake is added as a key component, and the inertial energy accumulated when the servo motor is stopped can be used. Very good absorption.

Difference 2, different control loops

The servo motor drive control loop is much more messy than the inverter, and its function is more than the inverter. The servo motor driver usually needs to be used in combination with the servo system or the servo motor. By means of the control circuit, the operation mode switching of the servo motor and the speed or torque of the servo motor can be completed.

Difference 3, different application scenarios

Servo motor drives are in the field of motion control, so they are suitable for use in scenes with high industrial automation. However, as a kind of driving product, the frequency converter belongs to the field of transmission control, which has obvious features such as low cost and easy operation, and is usually used in common industrial scenes where the performance index parameters are relatively low.

The above is an introduction to the difference between the servo motor driver and the inverter. Trusted companies that need to use a sufficient supply of servo motor drivers to see the three differences described above, can be very good to distinguish the servo motor driver from the inverter and choose a suitable one according to their actual application needs. driver.