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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of Mitsubishi inverter?

1. Waterproof and anti-condensation: When the inverter is placed in the field, pay attention to the pipe flange above the inverter cabinet. Or other leaks. There should be no splashing water near the frequency converter. In general, the protection level of the field cabinet should be higher than IP43. 2. Dustproof of Mitsubishi Inverter: All air inlets should be equipped with a dustproof net to block the floc. The air filter should be designed to be detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The grille of the air filter should be determined according to the specific conditions on site, and the connection between the air filter and the control cabinet should be strictly handled. 3. Corrosion-resistant gas: This situation is more common in the chemical industry. In this case, the inverter cabinet can be placed in the control room. 4. At the working temperature, the internal frequency of the inverter is a high-power electronic component that is highly sensitive to the operating temperature. The product is generally required to be 0-55 ° C, but in order to ensure safe and reliable work, should consider leaving room for use. In control cabinets below 40 °C, the inverter should normally be installed in the upper part of the cabinet and installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements in the product manual. It is not permissible to install heating elements or heat-dissipating components close to the bottom of the frequency converter. 5. Ambient temperature: When the temperature is too high and the temperature changes greatly, the inside of the inverter is prone to condensation, and the insulation performance is greatly reduced, which may even cause a short circuit accident. Desiccant and heater must be added to the tank if necessary. 6. Corrosive gas: If the concentration of corrosive gas is large, it will not only corrode the printed components, printed circuit boards and other leads, but also accelerate the aging of the plastic devices and reduce the insulation performance. In this case, the control box should be made into a closed structure. 7. Vibration and shock: When the control cabinet equipped with the inverter is subjected to mechanical vibration and shock, it may cause poor electrical contact. At this time, in addition to improving the mechanical strength of the control cabinet, in addition to the vibration source and the impact source, the anti-vibration rubber pad should also be used to fix the excitation components such as the control cabinet and the internal electromagnetic switch. After the equipment has been in operation for a period of time, it should be inspected and maintained.