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Inverse and Causes of Inverter Inverter Overcurrent

Invitro Drive causes and solutions for overcurrent, Shanghai Kuan Ying will give you To put it bluntly, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned high-tech enterprise, which is affiliated to the high-tech enterprise under the Kuanying Group. Now, with its solid strength and rapid development speed, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment has become the vanguard of the industrial control industry.

First, external reasons:

1, the motor load is abrupt, causing excessive impact to form an overcurrent.

2. The insulation between the motor and the motor cable or the relative insulation of each other forms a short circuit between the turns or the ground, thus causing overcurrent.

3, overcurrent faults and motor leakage reactance, motor cable coupling reactance, so the choice of motor cable must be selected according to requirements.

4. There is a power factor correction capacitor or surge absorbing device on the output side of the inverter.

5. When the speed feedback signal is lost or abnormal when the speed encoder is installed, it will also cause overcurrent, check the encoder and its cable.

Second, the reason of the inverter itself:

1, parameter setting problem: for example, the acceleration time is too short, the PID regulator's share P, the integral time I parameter is unreasonable, super Adjusted too large to form the inverter output current oscillation.

2. Inverter hardware problem:

(1) The current transformer is damaged. The phenomenon is that the main circuit of the inverter is powered. When the inverter is not started, there is current. It appears and the current is changing, so that the transformer is damaged.

(2) The current and voltage detection channels of the main circuit interface board are damaged and overcurrent will also appear. Board damage may be:

Because the environment is too poor, conductive solid particles adhere to the board and form electrostatic damage. There may be corrosive gases that cause the circuit to corrode.

The zero potential of the board is connected to the chassis. Because the cabinet is grounded to the ground, a strong arc will affect the performance of the board.

Because of poor grounding, the board's zero volts are disturbed and board damage can occur.

(3) Because the connection plug-in is not tight and not secure. For example, if the current or voltage feedback signal line is in poor contact, there will be a phenomenon that is sometimes absent when the flow is over-flowing.

(4) When the load is not stable, it is recommended to use the DTC mode, because the DTC control speed is very fast, generating a set of accurate torque and flux practice values every 25 microseconds, and then The output of the motor torque comparator and the flux comparator, the optimized pulse selector determines the switching position of the inverter, so that there is an overcurrent. In addition, the speed loop adaptive (AUTOTUNE) will actively adjust the PID parameters, so that the inverter output motor current is stable.

The above is the reason and solution for the over-flow of Invitro Drive summarized by Shanghai Kuangying Automation. I hope to help you. The company will continue to develop energy-saving and high-efficiency. Precision and humanized products, with professional and unique industrial control technology, high-quality applicable innovative products and deeply integrated solutions, help users achieve economic transformation and industrial upgrading, accelerate the pace of internationalization, conquer the world with quality, and aspire to become a world-renowned company. Smart electrical professional supplier!