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China's smart equipment industry wave has arrived

There are many fire-fighting operations, and the two "white" production brands of Midea and Gree are full of this. It is no accident that there are many fire-fighting operations, and the two “white” production brands of Midea and Gree are in full swing. From the role of the user of the operating system, directly turned into a large-scale producer, and then stepped into the "intelligence" category, the reason behind the back is self-evident.

It can be found that after years of unswerving reforms and innovations, China’s equipment-based operations team has made great progress, and domestically produced production brands are the initiators and important beneficiaries of this business. Although the effect is prominent, the weak foundation of traditional manufacturing is an indisputable fact. There is still a big gap between product quality stability, reliability, safety and other high-quality products.

With the “two-in-one” construction, the industry 4.0 and “China Production 2025” are increasingly optimized in terms of capital, specifications, channels, etc., which coincides with opportunities. Smart production has become an extension of many brand products. No choice. In some brands that want to work together with the Nuggets, a group of leading companies are making their way out of smart-equipped industries, in an attempt to take advantage of the new blue ocean investment.

Intelligent equipment, Wang Wensheng is the integration and deep integration of advanced production technology, information technology and intelligent technology. In the field of electronic intelligent production, we witnessed the market achievements of mobile phone brands Huawei and Xiaomi, and they have made great achievements in the global electronic field, truly completing the "quality" leap of domestic mobile phone brands in the international market. In addition to the remarkable effect in the electronic field, the measuring instrument sensor as the only autonomous input of intelligent equipment, its technical development, effect conversion, has always been highly valued by the industry. Electronic devices such as watches and mobile phones are combined with sensors to monitor the human body in real time, which has excited the industry for a time.

In the long run, marine demanding operations, biomedical equipment operations, aerospace deployment operations, and military equipment operations are increasingly demanding market demand and use of smart devices. To the extent, it directly promotes the technical advancement, quality optimization, and standardized construction of the intelligent equipment industry.

With the increase in labor costs, labor costs have increased sharply. In the current era of profitability, enterprises urgently need to pursue efficient production methods to reduce costs and “pull high” profits. In the future, with the development of key infrastructure components, components, and intelligent special equipment, especially in the field of precision and intelligent instruments and test equipment, it will meet the needs of petrochemical, biomedical, environmental monitoring and other industries, and strictly implement the precision of the production process. Green, automated, and intelligent, driving the improvement of all technical levels of the industry will become one of the fastest and correct ways for companies to profit.

The wave of smart equipment industry has arrived, and the promotion space for traditional production is huge. The instrument brand is expected to use the invisible resources brought by the colleges, social capital, and guidelines to use the Internet to achieve a win-win goal.