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Use of Huichuan Inverter in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Professional Renovation

The chemical and pharmaceutical professions are now the largest consumers of electricity in industrial enterprises, and the natural resources depend on more than 60%. The power problem is a serious challenge. There are two ways to solve the power problem fundamentally: one is open source and the other is energy conservation. Huichuan Inverter energy-saving technology is a new energy-efficient technology that uses a wide range of applications, quick results, and short payback period. Now in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, machinery, electricity, Building materials, paper, printing, water supply, air conditioning and other industries have been widely used. The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the mixers and centrifuges commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 1. Mixer (fermenter, stirred tank) type load. Stirrer type load is also a common and relatively large load in pharmaceutical and chemical workshops. There are many power standards, and the same is selected from the inverter selection. Constant torque converter for power. 2. Centrifuge type load The centrifugal machine is attributed to a large inertia load, and the speed changes greatly. Generally, the brake unit and the braking resistor are required to complete the fast parking. The work cycle is repeated short-term, even positive and negative control. The original system is flawed:
The current is large at startup and the impact on the power grid is too large. The mechanical shock is large at startup and the service life is low. The noise is high, and the corrosive gas corrodes the electronic components more severely. The conditioning accuracy is poor. High failure rate, long repair time and high cost
HC-MD series Huichuan vector inverter Advantage:
HC-MD vector inverter has low frequency torque, 0.5Hz It can achieve 150% starting torque;
Inverter control is adopted, and the limit energy saving is achieved under the premise of meeting the process requirements;
The motor is soft-started, the power grid has no impact, and the mechanical service life is prolonged. ;
A full range of independent air duct design, optional installation inside and outside the radiator cabinet, reducing the accumulation of dust on the center equipment during the heat dissipation process of the fan. Provides reliability for long-term operation. The three anti-paint (dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion) thickening treatment effectively avoids the corrosion control precision and high speed precision of the gas on the internal plate of the variable frequency. Dynamic response is fast. Quickly respond to load changes and external control commands.