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Siemens PLC repair common problems

It is well known that PLC devices present a variety of problems during use. However, the so-called change does not leave the sect, although the phenomenon of fault is not the same, the cause of the problem is nothing more than that. Of course, Siemens PLC will also present some common problems during use. Regarding Siemens PLC repair, some common problems and treatment methods are summarized as follows. I hope that this summary and sharing can help the majority of users to deal with some practical problems. A common phenomenon in the use of Siemens PLCs is that they suddenly stop in operation. Regarding this phenomenon, let's take a look at the PLC event information to find out the reason. Perhaps we don't know much about the PLC dog. In fact, the watchdog and timer are a counter of the MCU or Plc, which has the function of connecting the reset terminal and counting down. When the program is executed normally, the watchdog timer will be reset and re-counted. Once the program is faulty, the timer cannot be reset and cannot be counted normally. When the counter shows "0", the microcontroller or plc will be reset. It can also prevent the program from running after resetting. Therefore, if we understand the information about the dog and the plc event, we can understand why the Siemens PLC suddenly stopped operating during the use. In the Siemens PLC repair process, you will also encounter problems with the PLC and the computer communication connection, or the device that shows that the stab is already in existence. The reason for this phenomenon is probably that product compatibility presents a problem. Since Siemens PLCs can be divided into several different series, the programming methods supported by different series are also different. So after this problem, users need to understand the plc device series, but also know the programming software for different series. In the Siemens PLC repair process, we will encounter some other common problems, such as the device does not respond after networking, or over-voltage, overload and so on. In fact, if we have a full understanding and awareness of PLC equipment, we will adopt reasonable measures in time when we encounter some common problems. The user knows that the PLC device is a programmable logic manipulator, but few people know how to store the device. In fact, PLC selects a type of programmable memory. The programmable memory can be used for storing programs inside the device, and can also perform various operations such as logic operations, sequential manipulation, and timing and counting and arithmetic operations.