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How to repair Shilin Inverter

How to repair Shilin Inverter? There are many problems when the inverter is repaired. Different brands of inverters have different repair methods. How do you perform Shilin Inverter repair? What are the skills? Shilin inverter repair problems include OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, they do not separate from the U phase of the inverter unit, V phase, W phase fault. This problem usually only occurs in the machine that uses the PC929 to drive the optocoupler. The driver board has 1270 series, 1290AV03, 1250AVS series, 1258AVS series and so on. When the Shilin inverter is repaired, the OUT fault is generally divided into a power-on jump and a run jump, and there is a load-loading jump. The reason for this problem is generally that, because the VCE voltage of the inverter tube is abnormal and the alarm signal is output, when the control board detects the signal, the drive output is immediately stopped and the fault code is displayed. Of course, the mis-maintenance caused by the abnormality of the maintenance circuit itself is not excluded. It is worth noting that under certain conditions, the output of the drive circuit will be unstable due to the unstable output of the switching power supply. If the starting current of the cooling fan is too large, the fan will jump OUT every time the fan starts. Pay attention to the distinction when overhauling. About the power-on jump OUT problem: This problem is generally due to the poor maintenance circuit itself or the drive part, the module door has a significant short circuit, open circuit condition. It can be judged by the signal of the phase OUT maintenance. If everything else is normal, the problem is clarified because the maintenance circuit itself is defective. If there is a three-phase imbalance, the driver circuit may be clarified. About the operation jump OUT problem: This problem is generally caused by the failure of the drive circuit and the module itself. First, you can use the multimeter resistance file to test the relevant parts of the drive circuit and the module gate for significant short circuit and open circuit. Related OUT maintenance signal operation, test whether the drive waveform is normal, the main point is to pay attention to the shape, amplitude, dead time of the waveform, etc., to detect whether the IGBT is damaged. Whether the gate junction capacitance is normal compared to other phase tests. About the load loading jump OUT fault: This situation is relatively difficult to repair the Shilin inverter compared to the first two. At the outset, it is necessary to detect whether the maintained circuit itself has a problem that the component function is not good. Under the premise of correct detection, replace the suspected diode and chip capacitor with a replacement method. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to determine whether the OUT signal detection circuit on the control board is normal. Then, it is normal to compare the driving circuit to drive the optocoupler to supply power, and the gate driving resistance is changed. After that, it is not loaded whether the test drive waveform is normal. Carefully judge whether there is a problem with the IGBT itself. Then there is a current detection problem. This kind of repair in Shilin frequency converter is also quite common. This problem is relatively simple, and it is generally caused by the occurrence of current detection circuit. Now the company mainly uses current detection circuits in two ways: Hall sensor detection and 7840 optocoupler barrier detection. Regarding the use of the sensor's current detection circuit on the power jump ITE fault, only need to test the key point voltage, you can identify the fault location.