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Delta Inverter: The future market of energy-saving inverter is very impressive

Delta Inverter Suppliers believe that the future market for energy-saving inverters is considerable.

        According to statistics, the total potential shopping space of China's inverters is about 120 billion to 180 billion yuan, of which atmospheric pressure inverters account for about 60% of the market share. The demand for high-voltage inverters is relatively small, but because of the high power and high price of a single inverter, it also accounts for about 40% of the mall. At present, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motors with variable load and energy saving potential in China, which provides extremely large shopping malls for the use of frequency converters.

The data show that in recent years, China's inverter shopping malls have been adhering to the growth rate of 12% to 15%. It is expected that at least in the next five years, the demand for inverter shopping malls will still maintain a growth rate of more than 10%. After 10 years, the inverter shopping mall will gradually become full.

Of course, with the advancement and diversification of user needs, the functions of inverter products are constantly improving and adding, the degree of integration and systemization are getting higher and higher, and some special energy saving has been presented. Inverter products. The energy-saving principle of the inverter is: the inverter makes the motor and its drag load adjust the speed output according to the production process requirements without any modification, which reduces the power consumption of the motor and has great common advantages in the field of energy saving and emission reduction. The intent of the system to operate efficiently is achieved. China's common and market-owned inverter brands are:

Imported brands ABB, Siemens, Yaskawa, Fuji, Delta, Schneider, Emerson, Mitsubishi, Danfoss, Rockwell, etc.

Domestic brands: Expectations of Senlan, Kangwo, Ou Rui, Ying Wei Teng, Sine, Huichuan, Bosch Lux, Hailip and so on.

From the overall perspective, the competition of China's inverter industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Because the shopping mall is very attractive, not only the shopping mall has formed a certain scale, but also the potential capacity is very impressive, constantly attracting new professional participants, the development of inverter technology, making the inverter in electric power, cement, elevator, mining, metallurgy, transportation If the modernization category is unprecedentedly promoted and used, it is believed that the use of frequency converters will be more and more extensive, and the prospects for shopping malls are promising. Inverter enterprises should better establish the concept of energy conservation through the spring breeze of energy saving and emission reduction in the 12th Five-Year Plan. The energy-saving performance of the product will be further improved, which is very beneficial for the future development of the inverter enterprise.