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How to modify the power of Delta PLC

Modify Delta PLC What are the benefits of power? Many brands of inverter power board, driver board, and motherboard can be used universally. Only type, volume, and hardware are the same. You can get the desired power and voltage value by modifying the manufacturer parameters. You don't have to spend money to buy the same power accessories. Naturally saves the cost of maintenance, why not do it! 1, Delta inverter G5-G7 power modification: enter the menu will be A01 = 4 and then come back into the 02-04 is the power data, after the change, the factory voltage has also changed. 2, Sanken inverter IHF-IPF-SHF series: enter the CD900 parameter and input 365 to confirm (change 2 times) and then find the CD202 into the input 365 to see the power and voltage parameters, 4-5.5 means 400V -5.5KW, first correct the voltage and then confirm to modify the power. After finishing, press the enter key and exit. 3, Schneider inverter power modification: Schneider inverter after the motherboard is replaced, the power will alarm CFF, then press the ENT button 3 times to rehabilitate the factory, the power voltage is actively matched. 4, Siemens 420-430-440 inverter power modification: after changing the motherboard power-on appears normal, but many parameters are gone, then enter the menu No. 3 to change the value inside to 3 and then confirm, find P0201 Parameters, and then change the value inside to 0, then the power is off and then power on, you will find that the display appears - staying for about 5 seconds to recover. At this point you will find all the parameters, and the power voltage is completely matched with the machine. 5. Inverter EV2000 power modification: enter the menu, find FU-000 to correct the value inside to FA58, then change the code inside FU04, 11=7.5KW 12=11KW 13=15KW 21=90KW
6, Delta inverter power modification method: input in parameter 00-07 (old version 57522 new 33582) and then find the 00-02 parameter into the 2 display err, then change the value corresponding to 00-00 The power code on the same is the same for the OK.B series F series.