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The four-way inverter manufacturer tells you what the daily maintenance principle of the inverter is.

What are the daily maintenance principles of the inverter? The following is the Quadruple Inverter manufacturers Some information:

       First, the operation data record, shortcomings record: every day to record the operating data of the inverter and motor, including the inverter output frequency, output current The output voltage, the internal DC voltage of the inverter, the temperature of the radiator and other parameters are compared with the reasonable data to facilitate the early detection of the danger of defects. If the inverter trips with a shortcoming, it must record the defect code and the working condition of the inverter when tripping, in order to analyze the cause of the defect. Second, the inverter daily inspection: once every two weeks, check the three-phase voltage output of the inverter in the operation, and pay attention to compare the balance between them; check the three-phase output current of the inverter, and Pay attention to compare the balance between them; check the recorded ambient temperature, radiator temperature; observe the inverter for abnormal vibration, static and dynamic, whether the fan is working properly. Third, the frequency converter maintenance: each inverter should be cleaned and maintained once a quarter. Maintenance should remove the dust and dirt inside the inverter and the air path, and wipe the appearance of the inverter clean; the appearance of the inverter should be kept clean and bright; carefully check the inverter while maintaining the heat and discoloration in the inverter. Whether the part of the cement has cracking or cracking, whether the electrolytic capacitor has an outstanding explosion-proof leaking hole, etc., whether the PCB board is abnormal or not, whether there is a fever and burnt yellow part. After the maintenance is completed, it is necessary to recover the parameters and wiring of the inverter, and send the power. The motor is operated at a low frequency of 3 Hz for about 1 minute to ensure the normal operation of the inverter. All of the above contents are based on the problems encountered by the students in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time. Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the main supplier, Delta Inverter, Invidon, ABB, Siemens, Shenzhen Sifang Electric, Taizhou Fuling Electric, Mitsubishi, Shilin Inverter, Parker DC governor, Danfoss and other research and development teams specializing in the research of automatic system technology, application technology research and product development.