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Fuling Inverter Professional Agent Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation

Fuling Inverter Professional agent Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation is an internationally renowned high-tech enterprise, which is affiliated to the high-tech enterprise under the Kuanying Group. Now, with its solid strength and rapid development speed, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment has become the vanguard of the industrial control industry.

The company will continue to develop energy-efficient, efficient, sophisticated and user-friendly products, with professional and unique industrial control technology, high-quality and applicable innovative products and deeply integrated solutions to help users achieve economic transformation and industry. Upgrade, accelerate the pace of internationalization, conquer the world with quality, and aspire to become a world-renowned smart electrical professional supplier!

Fuling is one of the domestic manufacturers of early-stage inverters. The history of Zui can be traced back to the 1990s. The production of Fuling inverters has been rated as one of China's top ten brands by the industry. It is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province and an implementation enterprise of the 315 Torch Program in China.

The inverter technology has the reputation of “industrial vitamins”. It is a new technology that is commonly needed in industrial enterprises and daily life work. It is one of the major areas that replace imports and save investment. It is a high-tech energy-saving company. technology.

In addition to excellent speed regulation performance, the inverter also has significant functions of saving energy and protecting the environment. It is an ideal speed control device for technological transformation and product upgrading. The importance of technology has received increasing attention from China. The fans, pumps, injection molding machines, air compressors, central air conditioners, and rubber mixers used in the factory have good energy-saving effects.

Fuling Electric's inverter products are environmentally friendly in Tsingtao Brewery, Qingdao Coca-Cola, Dongfang Rubber, Shanghai Dongfang Pump Industry, Kaiquan Pump Industry, Liancheng Water Pump, Tianshan Duolang Cement, Shengli Oilfield and Olympic Venue. Power saving on important projects of many well-known enterprises such as equipment is 15%-60%.

At present, the company's products cover a full range of high, medium and low voltage products. Low-voltage series of conventional products can achieve 0.55Kw, Zui can achieve 800KW; high voltage level 3HV, 6HV, 10HV , Zui can do 40,000 KW.

Fuling InverterProfessional Agent Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation focuses on the production, sales and sales of industrial automation control products, positioning and serving medium and high-end equipment manufacturers to have independent knowledge. Based on the industrial automation control technology of property rights, we provide customers with personalized solutions as the main business model, and realize the growth of corporate value and customer value.