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Purchase Parker DC governor to find Shanghai Broadview Automation

The DC governor is a device that can adjust the speed of a DC motor. It has a low DC motor speed. The torque is large at the speed. AC motors are also incomparable. Therefore, the speed control device of the motor has certain application fields in the motor market. Purchase Parker DC Governor to find Shanghai Kuangying Automation.

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So when do we need to use the DC governor? It is summarized that many of the following applications are found.

1 The motor has a relatively large speed range. 2 The dynamic response speed of the motor is 3. There is an excessive process of demand. 4 When the low speed operation is required, the torque is large. 5 has excellent earth-cutting characteristics and is capable of overloading the current limit setting current.

The above points are also the characteristics of the DC governor.

Speed control method for DC motors. 1 Change the voltage of the power. 2 Change the resistance loop resistance.

Usage range

DC governor in CNC machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, cable and cable equipment, packaging machinery, electrical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment , printed circuit board equipment, experimental equipment, welding and cutting, light industrial machinery, logistics and transportation equipment, rolling stock, medical equipment, communications equipment, radar equipment, satellite ground bearing system have a lot of use space.