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How can Delta inverters save energy?

1. Delta inverters mainly save the use of fans, pumps, conventional fans, pumps, etc. The input power is dispatched by the governor plate, inlet or air flow, and the valve opening of the water outlet is scheduled, and in the many power consumption of the baffle, the valve is closed. When using frequency control, assume that the required flow is reduced by lowering the speed of the pump or fan to reach the requirement. From fluid mechanics, P (power) = Q (flow) × H (stress), the activity of Q is proportional to the speed of the rotational speed N, proportional to the square of the pressure H and the rotational speed N, the cube of the power P and the rotational speed N In proportion, assuming that the power of the pump is stable, the required rotational speed N during the adjustment can be reduced proportionally, but at this time, the shaft output power P is established to decrease the flow rate associated with the decrease. I. The connection of the pump motor speed ratio side of the power consumption is about to be established. When the required flow rate Q is reduced, the output frequency can adjust the sub-motor speed n of the Delta variable frequency converter. In this case, the power P of the motor will be greatly reduced by the cubic connection, the ratio adjustment plate, 40% to 50% of the valve energy saving, to achieve the purpose of saving power. Delta Inverter For example, the energy load applied to the fan pump is: the rotation speed of the 55 kW centrifugal pump motor is reduced. At 4/5 of the original speed, the power consumption is 28.16 kW, saving 48.8%. When the rotation speed drops to the original speed /2, its power consumption is 6.875 kW, saving 87.5%. Power factor compensation reactive power only saves heat loss and equipment production line, and more importantly reduces the power factor of its active power, which consumes a lot of reactive energy in the line, its low power The equipment, severe waste, the use of frequency control equipment Delta inverter because the internal filter reaches the inverter capacitor, then drops the reactive power loss, the active grid increases. 2, the use of soft start frequency energy equipment, extending the life of equipment and valves. Save the soft start motor hard start has a severe impact on the power grid, but also high, the grid capacity requirements, baffles and valves The high current and the onset of vibration damage are a good start, the life of the equipment, the pipeline is very bad. The use of energy conversion soft start function Delta inverter means that the current will not exceed the maximum rated current after starting from the beginning, reducing the power requirements and the power supply of the equipment, and extending the service life of the valve. . Save equipment protection costs. Electricity, reduce reactive power loss, improve the active power of the power grid, reduce the impact on the power grid, and want to extend equipment and valves, save energy and electricity, not only Delta inverters, but also save equipment protection costs. Not only is it short, but it also reduces negative business equipment costs. Energy-saving Delta inverters, enterprises should be prioritized in the urgent power level, enterprises should use the energy-saving Delta inverters to bear short.