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10 fields that can be applied by Sifang Inverter

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1. Air-conditioning load class Office buildings, shopping malls and some supermarkets and factories have central air-conditioning. In summer, the peak of electricity consumption, air-conditioning power consumption is very large. In the hot weather, the electricity consumption of air conditioners in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen accounted for more than 40% of peak power. Therefore, using the frequency conversion device, dragging the refrigeration pump, cold water pump and fan of the air conditioning system is a very good power saving skill. At present, there are many companies that specialize in air conditioning, and the main skill is frequency conversion and power saving. 2. Crusher class Metallurgical mines and building materials use a lot of crushers and ball mills. 3. Large-scale kiln calciner type Heavy-duty, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed regulation or intermediate frequency Unit speed control. Due to the fact that these speed control methods have slip rings or low power, in recent years, many units have adopted variable frequency control and the effect is excellent. 4. Compressor-type load compressors are also attributed to the use of a wide range of loads. Low-pressure compressors are commonly used in various industrial sectors. High-pressure large-capacity compressors are used in steel (such as oxygen generators), mines, fertilizers, and ethylene. The use of variable frequency speed control brings advantages such as small starting current, power saving, and optimized equipment service life. 5. Rolling mill load is in the metallurgical profession. In the past, large-scale rolling mills used AC-AC four-way inverters. In recent years, AC-DC-AC quadruple frequency converters have been used. The exchange of mills is a trend, especially In the light-load rolling mill, such as the multi-stand aluminum rolling mill of Ningxia National Aluminum Products Factory, the universal four-way frequency converter is selected, which is satisfactory for low-band load launching, synchronous operation between the racks, constant tension control, and simple operation. 6. The hoist type load hoist type load is selected by frequency conversion speed regulation, which is stable and reliable. The blast furnace hoisting equipment of the ironworks is the main iron and steel material conveying equipment. It requires smooth start and brake, uniform acceleration and deceleration, and high reliability. The original multi-stage, DC or rotor string resistance speed control method is adopted, and the power is low and the reliability is poor. By replacing the above-mentioned speed control method with an AC four-way inverter, the ambition can be achieved. 7. Converter type load converter type load, using AC frequency conversion instead of DC unit is simple and reliable, and the operation is stable. 8. Roller type load roller type load, more in steel metallurgy occupation, use AC motor frequency conversion control, can improve equipment reliability and stability. 9. Pump-type load pump type load, a large amount, including pumps, oil pumps, chemical pumps, mud pumps, sand pumps, etc., low-pressure medium and small-capacity pumps, high-pressure large-capacity pumps. Many of the water pump, chemical and fertilizer professional chemical pumps, reciprocating pumps, non-ferrous metals and other professional mud pumps, such as the use of frequency control, have a very good effect. 10. Load torques such as cranes and dump trucks, such as load cranes and dump trucks, are large and require stable, positive and negative, and demanding. The frequency converter controls the crane and the dump truck to satisfy these requirements.