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Invitrogen inverters are used in many fields

  In today's life, inverters are widely used and can be seen in many fields. Invitro Drive When it first entered the market, the solution adopted was to promote consumer consumption at a relatively low price. INVT's inverters are not only sold in the domestic market, but also exported to foreign markets. So which areas does the INVT inverter mainly use? Nowadays, a group of local enterprises that have begun to take shape have basically mastered the vector control technology, and have accumulated more mature application experience, gradually entering the lifting, metallurgy, mining, In the high-end industry market such as machine tools, the annual turnover of the company is over 100 million yuan. This kind of development speed can be described as a thousand miles. In the past ten years, the medium and low voltage inverter manufacturers represented by the domestic inverter brand have been successfully listed, which has opened the prelude for Chinese local enterprises to seek further development and growth through the capital market.
     Another concern is that while actively participating in the domestic market competition, some local companies have also begun to explore the overseas market. At present, they have established their own branches in India and Russia, borrowing local marketing networks, and they have joined forces with more overseas partners to establish an overseas joint insurance network center to provide timely and thoughtful maintenance response for overseas users. Service has stepped out of a solid step for Chinese inverter companies to enter the international arena. Related reading recommendation: The inverter manufacturer explains how the inverter works.
     Of course, compared with some powerful foreign inverter brands, the local inverter brand The weakness is also more prominent. As we all know, most local enterprises still have obvious gaps in core technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design, product stability, financial strength, and enterprise management. So far, the market share of domestic inverter brands is still only 20-30%. There is still a long way to go before local inverter brands really become the dominant force in the market.
       For the past few years, it is full of challenges, and the negative impact of the economic downturn on the investment activities of small and medium-sized enterprises is more obvious. In turn, most of the low-voltage inverter companies' performance growth in 2011 was generally lower than expected. Faced with this situation, quite a few Chinese inverter companies that are still in the initial stage of growth really need to calmly change and carefully plan and do a good job of product quality.
    As some industry sources have said, the current domestic inverter manufacturers should not only focus on the vicious competition dominated by each other. Instead, we should learn more about some of the world's best brands. We will do a good job in product development, application and service for many years, and increase the level of process manufacturing to ensure the quality and performance of our products. This is the local. The key to making a "big" and "strong" enterprise.
       Inverter as a comprehensive and comprehensive industrial supporting product, has close links with many of these strategic emerging industries. In the process of accelerating the implementation of manufacturing transformation, upgrading and transformation, the differentiated product development route will open up a broader market development space for low-voltage inverter enterprises.