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Invitrogen inverter successfully applied to belt conveyors

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Invitro Drive has been successfully applied to belt conveyors in coal mines. Most domestic coal mine conveyors generally use the traditional hydraulic coupler speed control method. Nowadays, the medium voltage high power motor uses less frequency conversion technology. Due to the low precision of hydraulic coupling, poor energy saving, inconvenient installation, and large daily protection costs, the frequency conversion technology has a broad application prospect in the coal mine conveyor. Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. selects two 500KW, 1140V motors to drive the main mine conveyor belt. The original system uses hydraulic couplers for speed regulation. The speed control method has low power and troublesome protection. Convenience. The unit successfully converted the system with two Inverter CHV100-630-12 inverters. The modified belt transmission system has the following advantages: 1. Wide speed regulation, good soft start performance, and good for motor protection. 2. Low frequency starting torque is large, and heavy load can be started normally. 3, energy saving effect is very good, energy saving 36%;
4, the device is convenient, the amount of protection is small and simple; now, the British Wei Teng CHV100-630-12 medium voltage frequency converter in many coal mines The factory has been successfully applied, and it proves the advanced use of Inverter's frequency conversion technology on coal mine conveyors. Due to the significant reduction in energy consumption and increased production power, it also saves customers more costs! INVT's inverters provide reliable products and solutions for belt conveyors. It is believed that INVT will be used more and more widely on belt conveyors!