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Delta Inverter Supplier: China's inverter market is in a period of rapid growth

< strong="">Taiwan Inverter Vendor: China's inverter market is in a period of rapid growth, and is widely used in air conditioners, elevators, metallurgy, machinery and other occupations. According to statistics, in the past few years, China's inverter shopping malls have maintained a 12%-15% increase rate, which is now far exceeding the level of GDP added in recent years, and at least 10 in the next 5 years. % increase rate above. Considering the price drop of about 4-6%, the installation capacity (power) of the inverter in China's shopping malls is actually around 20%. According to the speed of such development and the demand of China's shopping malls, at least 10 years later, the shopping malls will be full and gradually mature. Therefore, China's inverter shopping mall has a broad space for development.

Energy conservation, consumption reduction, and heavy weight

During the two sessions, representatives of the industry believe that "the power problem in China is more of a "bottleneck" than a "crisis". The severity of the power is relative, not jue. China's power is lacking per capita, and its structure and distribution are extremely unreasonable. Because of the technical level, the constraints of production capacity caused by power dross, environmental pollution has become an increasingly prominent problem. Therefore, the rational development and application of power requires a co-ordination process.

Energy-saving and consumption-reducing, inverters show great power

Declining energy consumption is not pure energy-saving. It involves all aspects of power mining, processing and lower flow force.

This requires us to improve the power of power development, production and processing, and reduce the dross; we must adopt advanced technology equipment and products that save energy, reduce consumption, save water and protect the environment, and transform or eliminate high consumption and pollution. Big backward production capacity, crafts and products. In the meantime, the timing of automation enterprises is huge, and the direct production is the inverter. From the upstream oil, natural gas, coal mining, to power transmission and power generation, to the downstream petrochemical, steel, car production until the later water treatment, environmental protection, everything is beyond.

The initial purpose of the inverter is speed control, which is used in printing, elevator, textile, machine tools and production lines. And now more appropriate use is to save energy. Because China is a power-consuming country, the power utilization power is relatively low, and China's power reserve is relatively poor. Therefore, China vigorously promotes various energy-saving measures, and the China Economic and Trade Commission and the China Planning Commission formulated the “Energy Conservation Management” in 2001. The method, focusing on the recommended speed control technology. In the category of water pump, central air conditioner, etc., the frequency converter can replace the traditional through-flow restrictor and return bypass technology to give full play to the energy-saving effect; in the thermal power, metallurgy, mining, building materials occupation, the economic value of the AC motor system with high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation Being able to perform.

Mr. Xie Ruixin, the sales director of Rockwell Automation's China shopping mall, has shown that “following the rapid development of domestic industry, the power shortages such as electricity and coal are severe. We are many large domestic power sources, Steel and even car and water treatment companies' partners, while providing them with the right products, bring their experienced professional experiences and solutions to help them reduce energy consumption, add value, and maintain power and environment. Dr. Huang Jianzhong also said: "In terms of energy conservation, it is necessary for every occupation. Some domestic large-scale iron and steel enterprises have adjusted their production speed after using our special inverters for fans and pumps, and optimized the production process to achieve excellent performance. Energy-saving role. Other occupations, we also have many successful cases, like our four-boiler negative pressure ventilation system drive unit renovation project in Shandong Huangdao Power Plant, which will reduce the electricity consumption of Huangdao Power Plant by 30 million kWh per year. , saving funds of 1.2 million US dollars. Our medium voltage inverter solution helps Qing refinery reduced its power consumption by 41% every year. We helped Liuzhou Iron and Steel Company to transform the blast furnace control system to add monthly output value of 570,000 US dollars."

Domestic enterprises are ready to go

< p=""> The demand for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly shopping malls. In recent years, domestic frequency conversion enterprises have risen like mountains and plains, but there are few companies that are called the product quality. According to industry insiders, compared with foreign inverter companies, several domestic companies that are at the top of the technology are very competitive. The product design of domestic enterprises is completely suitable for the needs of domestic users, and the functional inverter products are suitable. In terms of price, foreign products are higher than 1/3 of domestic products, and foreign companies are more expensive in terms of after-sales service. Most of the disadvantages of domestic enterprises are insufficient funds, so they cannot greatly expand the market and trust users. Further progress in energy conservation and environmental protection awareness, through the development of two or three years, domestic enterprises will certainly catch up with and surpass foreign companies, occupying a larger proportion of domestic shopping malls.

There are shopping malls and seminars. Nowadays, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motors with energy-saving potential in China with variable load. It can be seen that the demand for energy saving and consumption reduction proposed by the severe power supply provides a wider space for the application of the frequency converter, and also brings more key to the inverter enterprise.