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What is Emerson inverter? What is it used for?

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Emerson frequency converter is a power control device that converts power frequency power to another frequency by using the on/off function of the power semiconductor device. The frequency converter is mainly composed of rectification (AC to DC), filtering, inverter (DC to AC), braking unit, drive unit, and detection unit micro processing unit. The frequency converter is a device that converts a commercial frequency power supply (50 Hz or 60 Hz) into an AC power source of various frequencies to realize variable speed operation of the motor, wherein the control circuit completes control of the main circuit, and the rectifier circuit converts the alternating current into direct current, and the middle of the direct current The circuit smoothes the output of the rectifier circuit, and the inverter circuit reverses the direct current into alternating current. For a frequency converter such as a vector control inverter that requires a large amount of calculations, sometimes a CPU for torque calculation and some corresponding circuits are required. The frequency conversion speed regulation achieves the purpose of speed regulation by changing the frequency of the power supply of the stator winding of the motor.

Mainly used to drive AC motors, enabling AC motors to achieve stepless speed regulation.  

For example, for a blower, using a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the motor, you can change the amount of air supply.  

There are still many occasions that require speed regulation. It is simple and energy-saving to use the inverter for speed regulation.

What is the difference between a frequency converter and a soft start?

First, the soft starter is a kind of motor control equipment that integrates soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and multi-function protection. It realizes the start-up motor without impact and smoothness during the whole startup process, and can adjust various parameters such as current limit value and start-up time according to the characteristics of the motor load.

Second, Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) is a power control device that uses variable frequency technology and microelectronics to control the AC motor by changing the working frequency of the motor.

Three, the difference between the inverter and the soft start

1, frequency:

The output frequency of the soft starter is fixed to the power frequency, and the frequency is not adjustable; The inverter is adjustable in output frequency.

2. Voltage:

The soft starter controls the output voltage by controlling the conduction angle of the thyristor (or other power electronic components), and its output voltage is slowly increased from 0V. To the rated voltage; the voltage of the inverter is adjustable.

3. Motor speed:

The soft starter cannot adjust the motor speed; the inverter can adjust the motor to run at any speed.