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Dry goods! How to perform maintenance on Schneider inverters every day

Learn about the maintenance and care of Schneider inverter The operator has a lot of help. In the work, because the inverter operator lacks maintenance experience in actual combat, when panic problems occur in the inverter, panic, here teach you six strategies for inverter inverter maintenance To make the inverter more suitable for you:

   Inverter maintenance knowledge  When the inverter is broken, try not to give it to someone who has no experience in repairing the inverter, otherwise It may be worse. Sometimes the fuse is fast, be sure to check if there is any problem with the module. Some electricians have no experience, immediately put on a good (must not replace) copper wire is blown, the result is that the inverter burned out, according to us Experience, most of the modules with fast fuses have problems, but the modules of the fuses are not necessarily bad. Many inverter power modules and rectifier modules are interchangeable. Try to buy the original model, but the price The grid may be very high.

    Inverter maintenance knowledge 2, dust and humidity are the deadly killer of the inverter. Especially after stopping for a few days, it is stuck on the circuit board. The dust is damp, the circuit board of the electric drive inverter is light and easily damaged. Try to install the inverter in the air-conditioned room or the low-voltage dust net box. Clean the dust on the circuit board and the radiator regularly; Try to blow on the circuit board before the power supply. Frequently need to stop the inverter, try to increase the braking resistor or mechanical brake, otherwise the inverter is often affected by the motor potential, the failure rate will be greatly improved.

    Inverter maintenance knowledge III. Some factories' power supply is generator, the voltage is unstable, the inverter is often damaged, the post voltage or overvoltage protection device is installed with good power generation effect, and the interference to the inverter is A headache, it will make other electronic equipment can not be used normally, the input, output, control lines of the inverter, try to use shielded wire, the shielding layer can not be wrong wiring method. Otherwise, you can use iron pipe cover, increase the filter, and reduce Carrier frequency. If converter The power supply is a FET (such as the K series), and the interference will be larger.