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General faults and repair methods of Delta inverters

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Da Delta Inverter common problems and repair methods
At present, in most domestic enterprises, because of the quality, talents, practical experience and equipment management of the repair personnel, etc., in the repair work of the equipment, the repair work method of replacing all the components of the equipment is adopted first. For the repair of Delta inverters in the equipment, the whole machine is also used to invalidate, replace (or update) the repair method. Therefore, there are a large number of inverters in the enterprise industry, and it takes a lot of money to install new Delta inverters every year to keep the practical equipment running. In addition, because Delta's frequency converters are frequently used in use, from repairers to management, it is believed that as long as the imported models are available, there is a guarantee of high quality and low disease. The use environment and maintenance of Delta's inverters are not paid attention to, and all kinds of abnormal problems are attributed to quality problems. Therefore, the technical transformation of the equipment is completed. A few years later, a new equipment upgrade project for Delta's Inverter was proposed (this technical reform is actually an update of Delta's inverter), which has repeatedly implemented a technical transformation of one equipment and wasted a lot of money. It affects the reduction of production costs and the improvement of benefits. The fault classification of Delta inverters is generally classified into two categories according to the characteristics of the faults or damages of Delta inverters; one is the active shutdown phenomenon frequently presented during operation, accompanied by a certain fault display code. The treatment method can be processed according to the counseling method provided in the random clarification book. This kind of fault is generally caused by the improper setting of the running parameters of Delta's inverter, or the external working condition and condition that does not meet the protection action phenomenon of Delta's inverter. The other type is due to the harsh environment and high temperature. Sudden faults caused by short-circuit caused by conductive dust, insulation degradation caused by moisture, or breakdown (when severe, abnormal phenomena such as sparking, blasting, etc.) may occur. After such a seizure, the Delta Inverter will generally have no display. The treatment method is to first disassemble the Delta Inverter, and find the damaged parts. Clean, measure, replace, and then comprehensively test according to the problem area. , then restore the system, no-load test run, investigate the waveform on the output side of the trigger circuit. When the waveforms and phase differences of the six groups are flat, load and run again to achieve the purpose of dealing with the problem.