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Daily maintenance methods for Delta inverters

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Delta's Inverter Usage Precautions l. Standard frequency conversion equipment entry path, establish the admission criteria. Nowadays, there are many varieties of Delta inverters, and various Delta inverters are not common between them, which makes the preparation of materials difficult and increases the difficulty of repairing the cost. Therefore, it advocates the entry of standard inverter equipment and establishes the market access criteria. Reduce the brand name of the introduction of Delta inverters, and reduce the cost of later protection and repair. (1) Limiting the scope of the brand
Limiting the scope of the brand, such as some brands that have a low failure rate and are operating reliably in the Gudong Oil Production Plant in recent years. The standard is Fuji, ABB, Senlan and other brands. (2) Standard introduction route
Standard introduction method, investigate the technical strength of after-sales service of imported equipment manufacturers, and require complete materials and equipment for inspection of newly introduced frequency conversion equipment, including wiring diagrams and manuals, etc. A fault will occur in the future for protection. 2. Establish routine maintenance guidelines for Delta inverters. Standardize the management of the converters. Special personnel are responsible for daily protection and maintenance of the inverter equipment. The specific contents of daily maintenance and maintenance can be divided into: (1) Operation data record, fault description:
Regularly measure the operation data of Delta inverter and motor, including Delta inverter output Frequency, output current, output voltage, internal DC voltage of Delta inverter, radiator temperature and other parameters. Compared with reasonable data comparison, it is beneficial to find faults in advance. If the Delta inverter trips, it must record the fault code and the running status of the Delta inverter when tripping, in order to specifically divide the cause of the fault. (2) Daily view of Delta inverter:
Perform once every two weeks to check the output three-phase voltage of Delta inverter in operation, and pay attention to compare the balance between them; The three-phase output current of Delta inverter, and pay attention to compare the balance between them; check the recorded ambient temperature, radiator temperature; observe the Delta inverter with abnormal vibration, sound, whether the fan is running normally.