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Schneider inverter suppliers use examples to explain some inverter maintenance knowledge

After a period of use, the drive often presents a variety of problems. The following is Siemens. Some examples of series inverter maintenance. Schneider Inverter Suppliers use examples to explain some of the drive repair knowledge.

1. ECO series inverter:

ECO series inverter is a model with large sales but many problems, but the main performance is: the output module is burnt out, the switching power supply is damaged. F231 is a problem. Among them, the ECO inverter does not consider the interval circuit between the power module and the drive circuit, which causes the strong power to directly enter the control circuit, causing severe damage to the switching power supply and the drive circuit.

2, MDV series inverter:

The common fault is the damage of the output module caused by the damage of the drive circuit. The primary reason is that the pull-up resistor output from the opto-isolator 4506 damages the short-circuit, so that the input of the 4506 is always high or low, and the signal sent to the T95 is always high. When the inverter is running, the two switching elements of the same bridge arm are simultaneously turned on to damage the inverter module.

3, MM420, MM430, MM440 series inverter:

The three series of inverters are the general-purpose inverters currently promoted by Siemens, and their faults are very different from ECO and MDV. However, due to its proper changes in structure and software, the functions are more complete than ECO, but there are still many problems.

4,6SE70 series book-type inverter:

This series of inverters can be said to be the superior products of Siemens, the market reflects better quality, the rate of defects is low, the common problem is "F008 ", "F002", "F011", etc., in many cases caused by damage to the sampling resistor and current sensor. Of course, the damage of the filter capacitor is worth paying attention to.

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