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Emerson Inverter: China's inverter market has a domestic brand share of only 25%

A few days ago, from the second China inverter and servo motor users The report release and product shopping mall seminars were uploaded to the news. The top ten brands of inverters and servo motors, which were welcomed by users and covered by China's shopping malls, were newly released. Siemens, ABB and Mitsubishi were among the best. The domestic brand share of China's inverter shopping malls is only 25%.

In order to further understand the situation of China's inverters and servo motors, analyze and summarize the demand trends of relevant users, and provide real and effective information for producers and investors, the Institute of Industrial and Commercial Research of Machinery Industry Information Research Institute From March to May, the second China inverter and servo motor user inquiry operation was carried out. The scope of the inquiry covers electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other occupations. Through the inquiry of the relevant company director, manager, acquisition supervisor and other personnel, we have found out and grasped the demand and brand situation of the inverter and servo motor shopping malls in China, the shopping mall capacity, and the purchase. The impact factors of the product and the problems that exist.

The query shows that the potential of China's inverters is 100 million yuan. In the meantime, high-voltage inverters account for about 40%. In recent years, the sales volume of inverters in China has been increasing rapidly year by year. Now the inverters have excellent use in the fields of building materials, metallurgy, petrochemicals, power plants and urban water supply, accounting for 12.1%, 11.55%, 8.1%, 7.1%, respectively. 6.5%. In 2003, China's inverter shopping malls amounted to 4.515 billion yuan, during which foreign brands accounted for 75%, domestic brands accounted for 25%, and this situation will continue in 2005.

According to users, although the brand effect of domestic Li Dehuafu is gradually formed, compared with foreign famous brands such as Siemens and ABB, there is still a large distance. According to interviews with professional technicians and managers who use inverters, the leading brands of high-voltage inverters in China are Siemens, ABB and Mitsubishi. China's low-voltage inverters are leading brands such as Siemens and ABB.

The query found that in terms of product price, brand, function, after-sales service, delivery date, etc., the product function target is ranked first in price and after-sales service. , become the priority factor. Therefore, improving product functions, especially improving the energy-saving efficiency of products, has become an important task for all production companies.

The query also found that after two years of stagnation in the international servo motor shopping mall, the demand for shopping malls has started to rise steadily, showing steady growth in the past five years. It is estimated that in 2006, it will surpass 2.922 billion US dollars to develop domestic servos. The motor has an outstanding vision. The query also found that the price of domestic servo motor has become a big advantage to attract users, but the reliability and environmental adaptability of the product is not high, so the repurchase rate of domestic brands is only 19%. In this regard, domestic enterprises should pay attention to it.

It is reported that the user inquiry report release and product shopping mall seminar will be held once a year by the Institute of Industry and Market Research of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute on the basis of the inquiry of the mechanical and electrical products shopping mall. The Institute of Industrial and Commercial Research is backed by the complete information collection, processing and communication service system of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute. It has formed three major sections of research, journals and books. It can provide yearbooks, product catalogues, quotation manuals, and “Electromechanical Products Mall”. Magazines, "International Electromechanical Economic and Trade Information" magazine and shopping mall research reports and other products. Now, with the support of many tangible products and strong strength, the conference of inverter user inquiry has been successfully held again. The research report series of China's electromechanical products shopping mall has been launched. The content touches the development and evaluation of manufacturing industry, user inquiry of mechanical and electrical products, and electromechanical There are 400 categories in five aspects, including product shopping malls, import and export of mechanical and electrical products, and inquiries for electromechanical exhibitions. The inverter and servo motor user inquiry released this time is one of them.

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