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VSI200 Series High Performance Vector Inverter provides you with a safe and reliable integrated solution

VSI200 series high-performance vector inverters rely on rich practical experience and strong technical strength. VSI200 series high-performance vector inverters will provide you with safe, reliable and cost-effective integrated solutions, which can be widely used in textile machinery and extrusion. Machines, packaging machinery, wire drawing machines and other production machinery, as well as central air conditioning, boilers, fire protection, water treatment, wind turbines and other engineering projects, and can help you achieve high efficiency and energy saving in operation, with low investment to obtain excess returns!

Technical features:

1. Input and output characteristics

Input voltage range: 380V/220V±15%

Input frequency range: 50/ 60Hz±3Hz

Output voltage range: 0~rated input voltage

Output frequency range: 0 ~600Hz

2. Peripheral interface characteristics

Programmable digital input: 6 inputs, 1 channel can be used for high-speed pulse input, and I/O card can be extended for 4 inputs

Programmable analog input: VI: 0~10V input, CI: 0~10V or 0~20mA input, expansion card can expand 2 inputs (VI2: -10V~10V input, CI2: 0~10V Or 0~20mA input)

Programmable Open Collector Output: The whole machine comes standard with 2 outputs, and the expansion card can expand 2 outputs.

Relay output: 2 outputs, expansion card can expand 1 output.

Analog output: 2 outputs, expansion card can be extended by 1 channel (0/4~20mA or 0/2~10V)

3. Technical performance characteristics

Control mode: no PG vector control, V/F control

Overload capability: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 10s

Starting torque: no PG vector Control: 0.5Hz/150%

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