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Analysis of common inverter circuit faults such as Delta inverter

       Delta Inverter< trong=""> and other common inverter circuit failure analysis, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned high-tech enterprise, which is affiliated to the high-tech enterprise under the Kuanying Group. Now, with its solid strength and rapid development speed, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment has become the vanguard of the industrial control industry.

Delta inverter

Delta inverter, fault phenomenon is the ignition of the inverter output, open the view and found that IGBT inverter module breakdown, drive circuit printed circuit board Severe damage, the correct solution is to first remove the damaged IGBT inverter module. When disassembling, the printed circuit board should be protected from secondary damage as much as possible, and the damaged electronic original equipment on the drive circuit should be replaced one by one and the printed circuit. The open circuit on the board is connected by wires (this should pay attention to scrape the burnt part to prevent re-ignition), and then the six-way drive circuit has the same resistance value. When the voltage is the same, the oscilloscope is used to measure the waveform, but When the inverter is turned on, it will report the OCC problem (the Delta inverter has no IGBT inverter module open opportunity alarm). The bulb is used to connect the P1 and the printed board of the module. The other wires are connected, and then jumped again and determined to be the drive circuit. There is still a problem, replacing the optocoupler one by one, and then discovering the optocoupler detection function of the drive circuit, during which the optocoupler detection function is damaged, and after replacing the new one, the start is normal.

Yaskawa 616G5, 3.7kW inverter

Yaskawa 616G5, 3.7kW inverter, the three-phase output is normal, but the motor vibrates at low speed and cannot run normally. . Firstly, most of the estimates are for the inverter drive circuit damage. The correct solution should be to turn the inverter off after determining the fault phenomenon, remove the IGBT inverter module from the printed circuit board, and observe the six-way drive circuit when using an electronic oscilloscope. Whether the waveforms are common, find out which drive circuit is not common, replace the optocoupler on the drive circuit, usually PC923 or PC929. If the inverter is used for more than 3 years, it is recommended to replace the electrolytic capacitor of the drive circuit, and then Observe with an oscilloscope. After the six waveforms are common, install the IGBT inverter module to carry out the load test and eliminate the chattering phenomenon.

Fuji G9 inverter

Fuji G9 inverter, the fault is now no display. Receiving the hand estimate may be the inverter switching power supply damage, turn the inverter to view the switching power supply line, but after viewing the switching power supply equipment line is not damaged, there is no display of DC voltage at the DC positive and negative, this time to estimate may be Drive problem, remove all the capacitors at the beginning of the drive circuit, and find that some capacitors leak liquid, replace the new electrolytic capacitors, and work normally after power-on again.

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