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How to reduce the heat of the INVT servo motor

Invitro servomotors are actuators for mechanical production equipment and are widely used in servo systems. When the motor is used, because the servo motor principle and the structure of the servo motor are not well understood, it is felt that the servo motor has a large heat generation during operation. Many people cannot worry about the occurrence of the malfunction. In fact, the heat is a common phenomenon when the servo motor is working. But do you know what kind of fever is normal? How do we reduce the heat generated by the servo motor?

To reduce the heat generated by the servo motor, it is to reduce copper loss and iron loss. There are two directions to reduce the copper loss, and the resistance and current are reduced. This requires that the motor with small resistance and small rated current be selected as much as possible in the selection. For the two-phase motor, the parallel motor can be used for the series motor. However, this often contradicts the requirements of torque and high speed. Regarding the selected motor, the driver's active semi-flow control function and offline function should be fully utilized. The former actively reduces the current when the motor is static, and the latter simply cuts off the current.

The extent to which the servo motor manipulator is allowed to heat up depends primarily on the internal insulation rating of the motor. Internal insulation properties are only damaged at high temperatures. Therefore, the internal motor does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, and the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees. Therefore, the servo motor surface temperature is normal at 70-80 degrees. The simple temperature measurement method is useful for point thermometers. It can also be roughly judged: it can be touched by hand for more than 1-2 seconds, not exceeding 60 degrees; it can only be touched by hand, about 70-80 degrees; a few drops of water quickly It is 90 degrees or more; of course, it can also be detected by a temperature gun.

At the same time, the subdivision driver has less harmonics and less heat due to the current waveform close to sinusoidal. There are not many ways to reduce the iron loss, and the voltage level is related to it. Although the high-voltage drive motor will bring about the improvement of high-speed characteristics, it also brings about an increase in heat generation. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate driving voltage level, taking into account high speed, smoothness and heat, noise and other indicators.