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Do you know what value Emerson inverter has?

Do you know the value of Emerson Drive? When the tractor is running, the motor that is delayed by the effect of the tow will supply electric energy to the Emerson inverter. When the "regeneration energy" supplied by the motor is higher than the DC bus voltage of the Emerson AC drive, the "regeneration energy" begins to Emerson AC drive DC bus capacitor charging, so that the AC drive DC bus voltage driving the motor is too high, when the inverter DC bus voltage exceeds the rated value, the inverter overvoltage protection device acts, causing the tractor to stop normal produce. And such a phenomenon will often occur during the production process, affecting the quality of the tow product.

DC common bus solution In order to deal with the above problems, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the tractor, and to complete intelligent and precise control, we used a DC common bus composed of Emerson inverters when planning the production of the tractor. Frequency conversion traction system. We connect all the DC busbars of the Emerson AC drive and connect a brake unit and braking resistor to the DC bus of the Emerson AC drive.

        When a motor is running in reverse operation, the inverter's attack energy is fed back to the inverter in the electric condition through the common DC bus, and then the DC bus voltage is maintained. The stability of the tractor enables the tractor to produce normally. If more than one motor is in reverse operation, the motor in the power generation state will regenerate energy and cannot be absorbed by the electric motor. The DC bus voltage of the inverter is too high. At this time, the braking unit and the braking resistor As a result, the excessive DC bus voltage is consumed by the brake unit on the braking resistor, and then the tractor is normally produced.

       In general, the brake unit and the braking resistor are separated when the brake is applied. This is because in the case of braking, the motor is under the effect of the brake electromagnet. The agile stop operation forms the inverter bus voltage is too high, the brake unit and the braking resistor can quickly discharge the inverter bus voltage to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Emerson AC drives are primarily used to control and regulate the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors with their robust performance, rich combination of features, outstanding dynamics, superior overload capability and unparalleled flexibility. Sex, occupy an important position in the inverter market. Widely used in various industrial fields, especially in elevators, textiles, machine tools, lifting and shipping and port industries.