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Developing intelligent Schneider inverters and manipulators in the post-industrial era

This year's industrial-leading Schneider new generation product - Altivar Process is the world's first Net work ready Schneider frequency conversion , Schneider is a brand that emphasizes the openness of network connections, so the essential features of intelligence and openness are indispensable. Schneider inverter smart special effects days. Effective, close to the customer's affairs. With the development of Schneider Electric's mergers and acquisitions, the volume of its affairs has become larger and larger, and the simple form of affairs has not been able to achieve effective handling. At the same time, the demand for shopping malls is also changing. In the past, the demand-oriented automated shopping malls have changed to focus on customer needs. In order to complete the customer value, Schneider Electric walked a big adjustment in the transaction structure in November this year. Schneider Electric divides its existing industrial automation category into four transactions, referred to as “1+3”, that is, the transaction is to manipulate and drive standard product transactions. This is Schneider Electric's well-known and traditional transaction form. The other three transactions are Machine automation transactions, frequency conversion system transactions, and process automation transactions are attributed to Schneider Electric's "expert" business. Schneider said: "Because of the different customer groups, customer needs and transaction forms, we promote these matters independently, the purpose is to expect each transaction unit to better build customer value to meet the customer base." Schneider Electric and Leadwater are a unified channel for the development, production and production of the background. Li De Hua Fu is an important research channel and production channel for the global affairs of Schneider Electric's medium and high voltage frequency conversion system. "In 2011, Li De Hua Fu was always in the top spot in the domestic high-voltage inverter category. In the three years after Schneider Electric's acquisition, Schneider Electric injected internationalization into Lid Huafu. Production management system and research concept, "In the development system, Li Dehuafu grafted Schneider Electric's global development experience, in order to turn the developed products into industrial products, set up the Ministry of Industrialization in the development system, specifically to turn the development system into a large Batch products. The original pilot department was changed to the test and verification section. The laboratory regularly met with Schneider Electric's Shanghai, Japan, France, and Vienna laboratories to learn advanced experience. In the project management, all projects are included in Schneider Electric's overall planning, and regular coaching from French dispatch engineers; in the production, the introduction of Schneider Electric production system, including timing improvement, Kanban handling, Six Sigma processing, quality team. It is worth mentioning that the author learned in the process of watching the Li Dehuafu factory that the leader of the factory was the owner of Schneider Electric's Tianjin Meilan Rilan factory, which shows Schneider Electric about Li Dehuafu. Focus on production and handling.
Relaxing and strategizing shopping malls across the market. In the sales and energy-saving and emission-reduction tasks, Li Dehuafu seems to have created a company that is difficult to overcome. The results, which means that in the future under the leadership of Schneider Electric, Li Dehuafu will be more difficult to complete the road across the mall. Fortunately, Schneider Electric has found a solution, and gradually completed the mall Layout.
Schneider Electric "Before 2011, the mall was funded by the capital. After that, mining, metallurgy, cement and other occupations, due to capacity constraints and other reasons, the mall was in decline. According to such a change in shopping malls, at the transaction level, we pay more attention to the complex occupational applications of critical, special and more complex applications, expand the shopping malls from domestic to overseas, pay more attention to the cost of customer use and protection, and supply a complete solution. It is not just for the supply of products, but more important and more emphasis is on innovation. In addition, the reduction of power consumption is also a key point, because Taiwan's import power share is 99%, improving power and power, and comprehensive development of power transformation is the direction. Each new product of Schneider will also tighten energy and intelligence. Two keynotes, the words of Schneider should be from the power expert identity to include the meaning of industrial control energy-saving expert figures. Schneider inverter smart special effects days.

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