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How to maintain Siemens PLC daily?

Siemens inverter daily care operators need to be familiar with < strong="">Siemens PLC has the basic operating principle and functional features, and has common knowledge of electrician operation. Before the daily protection of the inverter, it is necessary to ensure that the total power supply of the equipment is completely cut off; and after the inverter appears to disappear completely for 3-30 minutes (according to the power of the inverter). Should pay attention to check the grid voltage, improve the surrounding environment of the inverter, motor and circuit, regularly remove the dust inside the inverter, and greatly reduce the failure rate of the inverter after strengthening the equipment management.

(1) Cooling fan

The power module of the inverter is a device with severe heat generation. The heat generated in the continuous operation must be discharged in time. The life of the fan is about 20kh ~ 40kh. According to the inverter's continuous operation, it is necessary to replace the fan once every 3 to 5 years to avoid failure due to poor heat dissipation.

(2) Filter Capacitor

Center Circuit Filter Capacitor: Also known as Electrolytic Capacitor, the effect of this capacitor: Filter out the rectified voltage ripple, and also rectify and inverter Decoupling effect between them to eliminate mutual interference, also provide the necessary reactive power for the motor, and to withstand a large pulse current, so the service life is short, because it needs to store energy in the operation, so it is necessary to power on for a long time. The heat generated by its successive operations plus the heat generated by the inverter itself will accelerate the drying of the electrolyte and directly affect its capacity. Under normal circumstances, the life of the capacitor is 5 years. It is recommended to check the capacity of the capacitor once a year, and generally reduce its capacity by more than 20%.

(3) Application of preservatives

Due to the production characteristics of some companies, the concentration of corrosive gases in various electrical mcc chambers is too large, causing many electrical equipment to be damaged by corrosion (including inverters). ).

In order to solve the above problems, an air conditioning system can be installed to improve the environmental conditions with positive fresh air. In order to reduce the corrosion of corrosive gases on the circuit board, it is also required that the inverter manufacturer conducts anti-corrosion processing on the circuit board, and also sprays preservatives after maintenance, which effectively reduces the failure rate of the inverter and improves the operating power. .

(4) Dedusting the inverter

According to the different operating environment, the inverter should regularly check the heat dissipation channel and whether there is any dust accumulated in the circuit board. Generally, it is cleaned once every six months. At least one year to clean up to ensure that the inverter heat dissipation is good, so as to avoid malfunction caused by poor heat dissipation.

Carefully check the inverter at the same time of maintenance, and send power regularly. The motor is operated at a low frequency of 2hz for about 10 minutes to ensure normal operation of the inverter.