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How to adjust the rising speed of Delta inverter

plc Delta Inverter Communication

It can be used in wide fans, pumps It is used in the field of machinery and work machinery, loading and unloading machinery. Together with high environmental resistance, it also produces a fully enclosed box-type delta converter.

Mimic manipulation, including: a reaction control, feedforward control, proportional manipulation, fuzzy manipulation. These are the calculations of the internal numbers of the motor.

Small operating frequency: i The motor runs at a small speed. When the motor is running at low speed, its heat dissipation function is very poor. When the motor runs at low speed for a long time, this will cause the motor to burn. Further at low speeds, this will add current in the cable and the cable will cause heat.

In the same period of high-speed dynamic video demonstration system, chasing the flying shears demonstration system, highlighting the changing technology and industrial development concept as the leading brand strength and innovation!

Pair-varistor basics

Five screens in one, that is, control host monitoring, monitor web browser, mobile monitor is flat, VNC remote monitoring, local control screen display.

Delta Inverter Hall

can also pick an access card through the 3G network on PC2.

The frequency control system helps to maintain the water supply pumping station. Since the soft start can be manipulated by the frequency of the pump, the starting current and the starting energy pumping station are greatly reduced, and the power capacity of the pump motor is also reduced. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the operation of the pump unit during the operation of the pump unit and the mechanical shock and the running wear, in addition to being a result of the frequency manipulation processing, it is possible to prevent the switching pump from being used for the pumping station to extend the impact operation unit. The service life of the equipment plays an important role.

Induction of the torque of the motor and the interaction between the currents occurring at the extra frequency in the rotor flux of the motor, but only when the voltage is necessary to reduce the frequency, the magnetic flux of the large flux is full , a burning motor. Therefore, in the proportion of the frequency of the modified voltage, I Delta inverter http://www.njronglu.com/ together change the console, the motor constant of the flux of the inverter output voltage frequency, and prevent the magnetic fullness Weakening. This control method is used for fans, pumps and energy-delta converters.

SI09 series wire drawing machine special tension control

02=9 Rehabilitation factory setting (base frequency 50Hz), check the machine code is the same as the model 00-00

< p=""> Monitor more than 16 Delta motors (VB limit), can use 485, if you need to buy 485 card, the cost is added; until yesterday saw Delta Motors