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What are the damage factors of Emerson inverters on the motor?

Emerson Drive there is damage to the elements of the motor aspects of what the next will bring us together to understand the next relevant content, we want to help. The introduction of the frequency converter brings new modifications to industrial automation control and motor energy saving. Frequency converters are simply not to be lost in industrial consumption. Even in daily life, elevators and inverter air conditioners have become an indispensable part. The frequency converter has begun to soak into every corner of consumer life. However, the frequency converter also brings many problems that have not been encountered before, and the damage of the motor is one of the typical phenomena.

Many people have found that the inverter is damaging the motor. For example, in a pump factory, in the past two years, his users have often reported that the pump was damaged during the warranty period. In the past, the quality of the pump factory was very solid. After investigation, it was found that these damaged pumps were driven by the inverter.

Although the frequency converter caused the damage of the motor is getting more and more attention, but the mechanism is still not clear, let alone how to prevent. The purpose of this article is to deal with these confusions.

Inverter damage to the motor

The damage to the motor caused by the inverter includes two aspects: stator winding damage and bearing damage. This damage usually occurs in weeks to ten months. Inside. The detailed time is related to the inverter brand, the motor brand, the motor power, the carrier frequency of the inverter, the cable length between the inverter and the motor, and the ambient temperature. The early unpredictable damage of the motor brought huge economic losses to the consumption of the enterprise. This loss is not only the cost of motor maintenance and replacement, but also the economic loss caused by unexpected downtime. Therefore, when using the inverter to drive the motor, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the problem of motor damage.

In order to prevent leakage, an inductive surge filter circuit has been added to the hardware design to connect the ground of the surge filter to the housing of the inverter. At the same time, in the wiring instruction of the inverter, the grounding end of the motor is connected with the grounding B of the inverter, and the ground (earth) of the input power source is connected with the grounding A of the inverter, so that the induction of the motor passes through the ground of the motor and the inverter. And the grounding wire of the inverter and the power supply form a loop to make the grounding of the inverter and the power supply of the power supply. The tor has the same potential, and the potential difference between them is 0V, so that the person standing on the ground contacts the outside of the motor. The outer casing of the enclosure, the frame of the equipment and the enclosure of the frequency converter will not be electrically felt.