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Large image gives you an analysis of Emerson inverter common faults

Emerging Inverter Fault Analysis

1, Emerson Inverter The current detection fault of the device (eg E019, E001):

(1) The control board Q1 is bad.

(2) 7840 Bad: When the inverter is powered on, use the DC file to connect the 5 feet to the black, and the red is connected to the 6, 7, 8 feet. The value is 2.5, 2.5, 5 is normal, otherwise the 7840 is bad. .

(3) Small board is broken: When the inverter is powered on, use the DC file, the black pin is connected to the 5 feet of the 7840, and the red pin is connected to the small board from the left to the right should be 2.5, 2.5, 2.5. 3.4 1.5, 0, 1.6.

If the value is wrong, the small board is bad: At this time, you can replace the three small ICs in the small board. If you still can't, replace the small board.

2, Emerson inverter display POFF:

PLP on the driver board, the CVD voltage should be 2.6-2.7, if measured 1.9, maybe R51, R52, C36, One of the C37 cables is broken, and the electrolytic capacitors are bad. POFF is reported only when the motor is running, and the driver board transformer may be damaged.

3, the buffer resistance is bad:

The buffer resistor and the filter capacitor are paired. If it's bad, the other is probably bad too. Bad buffer resistance may also be caused by the relay not being attracted.

4, Emerson's inverter display is unstable:

There is a display first, then no, the fan stops, the voltage is only 12, this phenomenon is generally U1 thick film is bad.

Report fault E015: The power-on indicator is on, the keyboard is not lit, and the fan is turned on - the fan is short-circuited.

6, Emerson inverter fried rectifier bridge:

If some of the rectifier bridges are damaged and the inverter bridge is all good, there may be a positive and negative busbar between Fire caused. Environmental humidity is the main cause, usually there are water droplets between the positive and negative terminals, or there is water droplets between the positive terminal and the radiator to cause the bomber. The insulation of the terminals of such bad machines has deteriorated, so it must be replaced, otherwise it will be blown up again. Another reason is that the filter capacitor is short-circuited (or burst or the top bump is hardened), and the capacitor should be replaced.

7, Emerson inverter snoring:

that is, the fan is fast and slow, no display. Generally, the control board is short-circuited, and the control board is removed and then powered on. If it is still snoring, it may be that the device around the thick film is broken.

8, Emerson inverter fan is weak, slow speed:

EV1000 D6 breakdown. Telegraph 8888: FECDF21U1 board U8 is bad, there are small cracks. Load stop report 8888: transformer inductance is worse or PC9 primary and secondary insulation is not enough.

9, according to the operation report 8888: drive optocoupler short circuit.

10, EV1000 large volume: the original fault is a bomber, after running, there is no output or E019, and the bad is U9. No output sometimes Q2 is bad.

11, EV1000 small volume: the original fault is the bomber, after running, there is no output, often R13 is bad. Therefore, when repairing the bomber, it is necessary to develop a fluent amount of R13 is not 10 euros.