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Wide for you to summarize the common faults of Delta inverters

We are repairing A large number of Taiwan Inverter, I found that many people have many problems in the use of Delta inverters. Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is here to discuss with you the common faults of Delta inverters:
,   Wiring problem: As far as possible, an input air switch should be connected to the input end of the inverter. The protection current should not be too large to prevent the inverter from being burnt and not too severe when it is short-circuited. Must not ground the "N" end, especially the old electrician is easy to recruit. The control line should not be too long, because the control board is easily disturbed by electromagnetic waves, which may cause damage to the control board. Use shielded wires as much as possible over 2 meters. Do not install a contactor with a large current and frequent operation next to the inverter, because it interferes with the inverter very much, and often causes the inverter to malfunction (display various faults). Some people are greedy for convenience, always turn on the start control line, and the inverter starts the motor as soon as it is powered, so that the inverter is easy to burn out the charging resistor because the current flowing through the charging resistor is too large. The ground wire should be well grounded. Otherwise, if the motor leaks seriously, the ground wire will also damage the inverter. 2,  The inverter should not be installed on equipment with vibration (such as injection molding machine, punching machine, washing machine). Because the main circuit connection screw inside the inverter is easy to loose, many inverters are damaged for this reason. 3, Selection of the inverter brand:
    Do not just look at the price, some inverter prices are low, but Very poor quality and performance. It cuts corners, has a short life, fewer accessories, and is difficult to repair. If you change the entire circuit board, the maintenance cost will be sky-high. Some companies can promise warranty service, but your inverter may be shipped to a city thousands of miles away, and it takes a month or two to fix it. Some inverters are branded, but they are very delicate, and they must have a good environment to have good quality. Some components of the frequency converter are more "dedicated", difficult to buy and expensive, so the maintenance cost is also high. Another problem with poor performance of the inverter is that once it is burned, it is quite serious, and there is almost no maintenance value. The failure rate of the inverter is relatively high, so it is necessary to know whether it is convenient to repair when purchasing, such as whether there is a service center nearby. Whether the inverter module is universal or not, is it easy to buy. If a certain inverter is used in a large amount, try to buy one or two more for backup.
If your frequency converter is used for simple speed control, please choose a cheaper economical series.
If the motor load is heavy and often stops urgently, please select a frequency converter with a large capacity or good performance.

4,  often need to stop the brakes as much as possible, or use mechanical brakes, otherwise the inverter is often impacted by the motor back EMF, the failure rate will be greatly improved. 5,   If the inverter is running at low speed (less than 15HZ), the motor should be equipped with a cooling fan. 6, and dust and humidity are the deadly killers of the inverter. Especially when the machine is shut down for a few days, the dust stuck on the circuit board will return to the tide. At this time, the inverter circuit board will be easily damaged by fire after power transmission. Try to install the inverter in the air-conditioned room or install it in the dust. In the electric cabinet of the net. It is necessary to regularly clean the dust on the circuit board and the heat sink; if the inverter is stopped for a period of time, try to blow the circuit board with a hair dryer before powering on. 7. Heat Dissipation Problem: Some brands of inverters will not emit overheat protection when the cooling fan is broken, until the inverter is damaged, so it should be replaced when the fan has a sound. 8. Voltage problem: Some factory power supply is generator power generation, the voltage is unstable, the frequency converter is often damaged, and the generator has good effect after installing voltage regulator or overvoltage protection device. 9、  Ray is also very important. Although it rarely happens, when the inverter is taken care of by lightning, it will be seriously damaged. The inverter of constant pressure water supply is easily struck by lightning because it has a mine water pipe that extends to the sky. 10, the interference of the inverter: the interference of the inverter is also a headache, it will make other electronic equipment can not be used normally. At this time, the input, output and control lines of the inverter should be shielded as much as possible. Can't be wrong. Otherwise, the effect is reversed. It is possible to re-use the iron tube and install a filter to lower the carrier frequency. If the switching tube of the switching power supply of the inverter is a FET (such as the K series), the interference will be larger. 11. Find a good company for repair: When the inverter is broken, don't give it to someone who has no maintenance experience, otherwise it may be worse. Sometimes it melts quickly. Be sure to check if there is any problem with the module. Some electricians have no experience. Immediately install a good fast-melting (do not replace it with copper wire). The result is that the inverter is burned. According to our experience, if it is fast If the fuse is broken, the module is mostly problematic, but the module is not broken quickly. Many inverter power modules and rectifier modules are interchangeable. If you must buy the original model, you may buy one or the price is high.
       In the process of repairing the inverter, we often encounter some inverters that have been blown up by the factory itself, and the damage is more serious and more difficult. service. After inspection, they used the repaired modules. The repaired module is difficult to detect with the instrument, and the parameters are completely positive, but due to the rough internal wiring, the sealed silicone grease of the transistor cannot be sealed after being opened. Some of these modules can be used for a few months, and some will blow up when they are turned on. The repaired module is replaced and then returned, so it can be seen carefully that it is glued to the copper sheet with 502 glue, which is hard to touch. And the original module's glue is smoother and softer. The repaired module is made to clear the silicone grease, so that the module becomes hollow. At this time, the sound of tapping the copper piece is different. You can also disassemble the damaged module to see if the wiring is rough. Some fake modules are labeled separately. From this model to another model, the current is applied to a small current, and even the low pressure is applied to a high withstand voltage. Label printing technology is now more and more emulated, but as long as it is carefully compared with the original module, it can be seen.