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Function and function of the inverter


       What is a frequency converter? The frequency converter is replaced frequently. The somewhat abstract and more intuitive statement is to adjust the speed of electromechanical control by changing the frequency. Everyone knows that the frequency of China's power grid is 50Hz, the frequency of the same electromechanical work is also that value, and the same electromechanical speed is high in the number of poles, depending on the frequency. Within the limits of the response, the higher the frequency, the higher the speed and vice versa. Usually the same electromechanical is a solid speed homework, which greatly limits its use. Many places where the need to change the speed are easy to fit. The frequency converter does not only change the speed of the electromechanical. Because the high speed of the motor speed will definitely bring about the change of the torque, the inverter is attached to the contemporary electronic technology, and it is becoming more perfect in function. He is already in the industry. No equipment is generally used. The frequency converter is widely used and is being used in various occupations. What is the function of the inverter: No change the frequency of the homework voltage (usually output voltage 0 - 380V frequency 0 - 50Hz). Whether to simplify the electromechanical strategy to take speed control, whether to complete active control, remote control, active pressure, water level control, active speed control, especially for the bumpy movement of large machines, the active control of deep water wells and so on. What is the inverter doing? The frequency converter is used to change the frequency and amplitude of the same electromechanical power supply, so it changes the period of its active magnetic field and reaches the purpose of smoothly controlling the motor speed. What is the inverter doing? The appearance of the frequency converter makes the tempered speed control simple. The same squirrel-cage type motor combination is used to replace most of the homework that can only be done with DC electromechanical, which reduces the volume and reduces the repair rate. Skills grow to a new stage.