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About the function and function of the inverter

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       What is a frequency converter? The inverter is changing the frequency. This is a bit more general, and the more intuitive statement is to adjust the speed of the motor after changing the frequency. As we all know, the frequency of China's power grid is 50Hz, and the operating frequency of the communication motor is also this value, and the speed of the communication motor is fixed on the premise that the number of poles is fixed, depending on the frequency. Within the scope of the agreement, the higher the frequency, the higher the speed and vice versa. The general communication motor is a fixed speed operation, which greatly limits its usefulness. Many occasions where the speed needs to be changed are difficult. The frequency converter not only changes the speed of the motor, but the speed is reduced, which will inevitably bring about the change of the torque. Therefore, the inverter is more perfect in function with modern electronic skills, and he is already indispensable in the industry. Equipment is widely used. The frequency converter is widely used and can be used in various occupations. What is the function of the inverter: the operating voltage and frequency can be changed (general output voltage 0 - 380V frequency 0 - 50Hz). It can simplify the motor's starting and speed regulation, and can complete active control, remote transmission control, active pressure, water level control, active speed control, especially for the smooth start of large machinery, active control of deep water wells and so on. What is the inverter doing? The frequency converter is used to change the frequency and amplitude of the communication motor power supply, thus changing the period of the moving magnetic field to achieve the intention of smooth control of the motor speed. What is the inverter doing? The appearance of the inverter makes the messy speed control simple. The combination of the inverter and the communication squirrel cage induction motor replaces most of the work that can only be done with the DC motor, which reduces the volume and reduces the repair rate. Skills are developed to a new stage.