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Shilin Inverter needs to replace any accessories regularly

Shilin Inverter which accessories need to be replaced regularly, the inverter consists of various parts Composition, some of the components will gradually decline and age after long-term operation. It is also the main cause of faults in the inverter. In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment, the following equipment should be replaced regularly:

1. Cooling fan

The power module of the inverter is severely hot. The heat generated by the connected equipment must be discharged in time. The life of the general fan is about 10kh~40kh. According to the inverter's continuous operation, it is necessary to replace the fan for 2~3 years. The direct cooling fan has two lines and three lines. The second line fan is the positive line and the other line is the negative line. Do not connect the wrong line when replacing. The third line fan is not only connected. There is also a detection line outside the negative pole. Please pay attention when replacing it, otherwise it will cause the inverter to overheat alarm. The communication fan is generally 220V, 380V, and the voltage level should not be mistaken when replacing.

2, filter capacitor

Intermediate DC loop filter capacitor: also known as electrolytic capacitor, its main function is to smooth the DC voltage, absorb low frequency harmonics in DC, its continuous operation occurs The heat added to the heat generated by the inverter itself will accelerate the drying of the electrolyte, directly affecting its capacity. Under normal circumstances, the life of the capacitor is about 5 years. It is recommended to check the capacitance capacity once a year, and generally reduce the capacity by more than 20% to replace the new filter capacitor.

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