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Shanghai Kuan Ying helps you solve common fault problems of Fuling inverters

Shanghai Kuan Ying will help you solve the common problems of Fuling Inverter, rich Ling frequency converter has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, overload and undervoltage. When a fault occurs, the inverter will immediately alarm and trip, the corresponding fault type will be displayed on the LED monitor, and the motor will automatically stop rotating. After troubleshooting, press the STOP button or enter the control circuit terminal RST reset command to release the alarm trip state.


1. Fault code: E002 (overvoltage during acceleration), E003 (overvoltage at constant speed), E00A (overvoltage at stop), E00B (deceleration) Overvoltage)

2. Possible causes: 1 input voltage is abnormal; 2 deceleration time is too short; 3 brake device selection is uncomfortable; 4 load inertia moment is too large.

3, the solution: 1 check the input power; 2 reset the deceleration time; 3 re-select the brake device; 4 reduce the moment of inertia.


1. Fault code: E001

2. Possible causes: 1 input voltage is abnormal; 2 has large capacity load running on the same line; 3 Inverter internal fault;

3, Solution: 1 check the input power; 2 reduce the line load capacity; 3 contact the inverter repairer, distributor or manufacturer.


1. Fault code: E004 (overcurrent during acceleration), E005 (overcurrent at constant speed), E006 (overcurrent during deceleration)

2, Possible causes: 1 motor connection terminal phase-to-phase short circuit; 2 load sudden change; 3 acceleration time is too short; 4 motor stalled; 5 inverter internal fault;

3, solution: 1 check Output line and load; 2 reduce line load capacity; 3 reset acceleration time; 4 check motor; 5 contact inverter repairer, dealer or manufacturer.


1. Fault code: E007 (motor overload), E008 (driver overload);

2. Possible causes: 1 overload 2 The electronic overcurrent protection parameter setting is improper;

3. Solution: 1 Reduce the load or increase the capacity; 2 Reset the electronic overcurrent parameter.

Short circuit:

1. Fault code: E009 (output short circuit or motor leakage).

2, Possible causes: 1 output side short circuit; 2 inverter internal fault;

3, solution: 1 check the output line; 2 contact the inverter repairer, dealer or factory.

External fault:

1. Fault code: E00D (external fault);

2. Possible causes: 1 external control fault terminal is closed;

3, Solution: 1 Disconnect the external control terminal.

Heatsink overheating:

1. Fault code: E00E (heatsink overheating).

2, possible causes: 1 ambient temperature is too high; 2 cooling fan is damaged;

3, solution: 1 reduce the ambient temperature; 2 replace the fan.

Parameter failure:

1. Fault code: E00F (parameter failure)

2. Possible causes: 1 Internal parameter value is exceeded;

3, Solution:

1Press “STOP” to ignore;

2Press “SAVE” to query the parameter parameter;

3 Press the “PRG” key to enter the parameter setting state;

4 Initialize the parameters in the parameter setting state.

The above is a common fault problem of Fuling Inverter summarized by Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., I hope to help you, the company's main cooperation supplier, Delta inverter , INVT, Siemens, Shenzhen Sifang Electric, Taizhou Fuling Electric, Mitsubishi, Shihlin Inverter, Parker DC Governor, Danfoss, etc., which specializes in the research of automatic system technology, application technology research and product development. Research and development group.