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Shanghai Widescreen Automation is a professional agent of INVT Inverter

      INVT offers a wide range of low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage wide voltage range general purpose inverters and a variety of industry-specific inverters , international priority vector control technology, can also be combined with rich function expansion cards, flexible application, stable operation, widely used in various fields of industrial automation, high quality, more than 200,000 inverters and customers witness. Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation is a professional agent of Invitro Drive.

      Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned high-tech enterprise affiliated to the high-tech enterprise under the Kuanying Group. Now, with its solid strength and rapid development speed, Shanghai Kuanying Automation Equipment has become the vanguard of the industrial control industry.

      The company will continue to develop energy-saving, efficient, sophisticated and user-friendly products, with professional and unique industrial control technology, high-quality and applicable innovative products and deeply integrated solutions to help Users realize economic transformation and industrial upgrading, accelerate the pace of internationalization, conquer the world with quality, and aspire to become a world-renowned smart electrical professional supplier!

      Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, sales and sales of industrial automation control products, positioning and serving medium and high-end equipment manufacturers, with industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights. Based on the principle, we will provide customers with personalized solutions as the main business model, and realize the growth of corporate value and customer value.

   The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of industrial automation control products. The main products are low-voltage complete system, metallurgical Kaiping system, non-standard automation system, integration and special machine, frequency converter, servo system, PLC, HMI, permanent magnet synchronous power mainly serve the equipment manufacturing industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, three major fields Products are widely used in elevators, lifting, machine tools, metal products, wire and cable, plastics, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, metallurgy, coal mining, municipal and other industries. The company ranks among the top domestic brands in the low-voltage complete market, among which the integrated and special-purpose products are in the industry's first position in many sub-sectors.

The company's main suppliers, Delta inverter, Invideng, ABB, Siemens, Shenzhen Sifang Electric, Taizhou Fuling Electric, Mitsubishi, Shihlin Inverter, Parker DC Governor, Danfoss, etc. Research and development team specializing in the research of automatic system technology, application technology research and product development