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Purchasing high quality Parker DC governor is not wrong with Shanghai Kuan Ying

The DC governor is a motor speed governor that includes a motor DC governor, pulse Wide DC governor, thyristor DC governor, etc., generally modular DC motor governor, integrating power supply, control and drive circuit, using three-dimensional structure layout, control circuit using micro-power components, using photoelectric The coupler realizes the blocking conversion of current and voltage, and the proportional constant, integral constant and differential constant of the circuit are adjusted by the PID adapter. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, etc. It can be used alone or directly on a DC motor to form an integrated DC speed-regulating motor, which can have all the functions that the governor should have.

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The DC governor is the device for adjusting the speed of the DC motor. Because the DC motor has the characteristics of low speed and large torque, it can not be replaced by the communication motor. Therefore, the equipment for adjusting the speed of the DC motor - DC governor Has a wide use of the world.

Applicable occasions

DC controllers are required for the following occasions:

1. Wide-scale speed regulation;

2 The dynamic response process with faster demand;

3. The excessive process of automatic smoothing during acceleration and deceleration;

4. The demand is high when the low speed work;

< p=""> 5. The characteristics of the excavator with better demand can automatically limit the overload current to the set current.

The above five points are also the characteristics of the DC governor.

Scale of use

CNC machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, cable and cable equipment, packaging machinery, electrical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment, printed circuit boards Equipment, test equipment, welding and cutting, light industrial machinery, logistics and transportation equipment, rolling stock, medical equipment, communication equipment, radar equipment, satellite ground receiving system.

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